Best Reactions to Republicans Getting a New Supreme Court Pick

Well there is more of this:

Always politics first right Democrats…stay classy:

The threats of violence:

Democrats in 2016 vs Democrats now in spite of what Justice Ginsburg said about the process:

“There’s nothing in the Constitution that says the president stops being president in his last year.” – RBG

Jessie Watters tells Republicans to “Buck Up”:

Remember what Democrats did to Kavanaugh and to Amy Berrett:

The most important reaction is from Sen. Mitch McConnell who warned the Democrats that breaking the Senate rules in order to change them to make it easier to confirm judges was going to come back to bite them:

Some Democrats have threatened to “pack the Supreme Court” by doubling the number of judges on the court and nominating a bunch of political hacks should they ever win a large enough majority, thus requiring Republicans to respond in kind. Democrats tried this before and the voters punished them heavily for it. We will give the last word to Justice Ginsburg herself as she expressed what she thinks of such foolish ideas:

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