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Lord Christopher Monckton lecture at the Heartland Institute: Global warming alarmists have lost the argument both scientifically and rhetorically.

Lord Monckton gives a more humorous speech on global warming alarmism at The Heartland Institute. Lord Monckton has had formal debates against the best of the AGW scientists and has won these debates so handily that none of them will debate him any … Continue reading

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Must See Video – Newt Gingrich: Orwellian Government from 1979-2010

The good stuff starts near the end of video one when he starts talking about Poland at 7:35 From CPAC 2010.

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Robert Spencer Video: The Complete Infidel’s Guide To The Koran

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Flashback: Democrats Yearly Deficit Spending 6.5 Times Higher than Republicans. Democrats Pork Spending 50 Times Higher

An important reminder about the budget numbers from 2010. CNS News reported: When Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) gave her inaugural address as speaker of the House in 2007, she vowed there would be “no new deficit spending.” Since that day, … Continue reading

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Third poll says nearly half of all doctors will retire or make significant changes to practice due to ObamaCare

This is the third poll to say this. The first two were the Medicus Poll and the IBD Poll. IBD: When we said nearly half of U.S. doctors might close their practices or retire early rather than live under the … Continue reading

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API: Recent Studies Show Obama Drilling Moratorium Will Cost 50,000 Jobs; 160,000 by 2032

While Obama tried to stop offshore drilling and exploration here and while his administration puts more of our domestic resources off-limits, the White House is using taxpayer dollars to aid Petro-Brazil’s  offshore drilling efforts in waters deeper than the United States. George Soros is an investor in … Continue reading

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Former head of CIA “bin Laden Unit”: Libyan rebels are like the Taliban

Is Obama’s entire Middle East policy designed to undermine Israel? Let us put everything on the wall and examine it. The dictators in the Middle East kept the Muslim Brotherhood and the Al-Qeada’s at bay. They were necessary for Israel’s … Continue reading

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Welfare State: Handouts Make Up One-Third of U.S. Wages

Remember that Clinton/Gingrich Welfare Reform that was so effective at stopping people from gaming the system and helping people get back to work? Did you know it was reversed with the Obama Stimulus Bill? CNBC: Government payouts—including Social Security, Medicare and unemployment … Continue reading

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“The Forgotten Depression” and How Presidents Coolidge & Harding Turned America Around.

With Glenn Beck, Reagan Budget Advisor Art Laffer, and Chris Edwards from the CATO Institute. This is very interesting. Why is it that the second biggest domestic economic depression on record is scrubbed from our history books, including many economic … Continue reading

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In Honor of Calvin Coolidge, A Great President Few Remember.

The accomplishments of Calvin Coolidge are many and he was one of our greatest presidents. He helped lead the united states out of a depression caused in large part by the progressive policies of Woodrow Wilson, he helped to restore … Continue reading

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Sen. Rand Paul: We’re Spending About 10 Billion Dollars A Day & Borrowing About 4 Billion Of That!

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Massive Economic Study: Obama Stimulus Bill Cost 1 Million Private Sector Jobs in Ohio

This is not from any light-weight folks, this is linked on Dr. Greg Mankiw. Mankiw wrote one of the most respected series of econ college textbooks used in universities today. Dr. Mankiw: Tim Conley and Bill Dupor have a new paper on the … Continue reading

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Dick Morris: Welcome to double dip stagflation

Flashback from March 2011

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Obama’s EPA: Jobs Don’t Matter

Daily Caller: The Obama administration has repeatedly said job creation is a top priority, but apparently the memo seems to have missed the bureaucrats at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This became evident when EPA Assistant Administrator Mathy Stanislaus testified … Continue reading

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The Top 10 Percent of Income Earners Paid 71 Percent of Federal Income Tax

You can look at the 2010 Budget Chart Book HERE. Just click on the tabs near the top of the web page for the categories and then you will see sub-categories allowing you to examine almost any meaningful statistic imaginable. Be sure … Continue reading

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Video: How Tax Cuts Work & Why Tax Increases Achieve the Exact Opposite of the Stated Intent

Lee Doren of “How The World Works” explains how tax cuts and increases work in a progressive income tax system like we have here in the United States. Let us examine some charts that help to illustrate this further. Here is the … Continue reading

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ABC’s Jake Tapper Blasts Obama’s Double Standard on Jobs and Outsourcing

ABC’s Jake Tapper on the double standard: “What would candidate Obama have said if Bush’s jobs adviser ran a company which outsourced thousands of jobs and paid no taxes on $14 billion in profits? Politico (and Politico is very left … Continue reading

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This lizard (read government) could cost up to 60,000 jobs and 25% of our national oil production.

Some believe that party of this story is the Obama Administration sticking it to Texas just as the Obama Administration is also doing to Texas in regards to the fires. The government says that where there is oil drilling there … Continue reading

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Gadaffi, Obama, Mubarak, and Carter

Today the elite media is almost orgasmic in praise for President Obama in the reported death of Libyan dictator Moammar Gaddafi. So let me get this straight: Gadaffi dead = good. Saddam Hussein’s murderous sons killed = possible violation of … Continue reading

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Flashback: Canada Slashes Corporate Tax Rate to 16.5% – US is still 35%

[This is a flashback from December 2010 and Obama is STILL talking about raising taxes on business and so are the Van Jones inspired “occupy” protesters. Remember that “giant sucking sound” that we used to talk about with Mexico?] Japan … Continue reading

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Obama’s own Medicare Actuary more confident in Paul Ryan’s ‘Road Map’ cost controls than Obama’s health law

These facts have been coming out for a year yet they have fallen out of the dialogue. It is time to remind each other and our friends. With the demise of the CLASS Act it is now worse. We said that … Continue reading

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Official US Debt Projections

Get it yet? Related: Obama’s Debt Commission Chair’s Speak Out! To Increase Govt Revenue We Must: Lower the tax rates to 8, 14 and 23%. Make a new lean tax code. Lower the corporate tax rate. Public sector unions over … Continue reading

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Dick Morris Reports: Consumer Confidence Collapses

Consumer confidence has been in the tank since march. If you want to know what is going on with the economy in recent months, Dick Morris has a very good explanation in this video. Dick Morris was the political strategist … Continue reading

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Workers and companies fleeing high tax, forced union states ran by progressives

Fiscally responsible states usually ran by  Republicans and Conservative Democrats gained 10 House seats according to Census data. People are voting with their feet. Over 150 businesses left California to move to Texas in just the last year. Missouri may now be changing to … Continue reading

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How Goldman Sachs manipulates the government and the Fed to rip you off

They are making a killing on foreclosures and getting paid twice.

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Flashback – Protesters with Former Obama Advisor Van Jones: “String Up Clarence Thomas” – “Revolution Now Like in Egypt”

[Flashback February 2011- these same occupy rent-a-protesters showing us their civility that they like to lecture Sarah Palin on.] The elite media likes to tell you that the Tea Party are hateful racists, in spite of the fact that there … Continue reading

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Powerful Democrats help Chinese energy firm get $450 million in stimulus money

The Democratic Party has been caught several times taking illegal campaign money from the Chinese ( 1, 2). It seems that money has not gone to waste. Jackie Walorski warned of this happening. It seems that she was correct. MSNBC: … Continue reading

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White House: Stimulus Goals Have Been Met …

Denial? Is there any regard for reality in D.C. ? Watch the video at Real Clear Politics. – LINK. Stimulus over two years later:

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Dr. Sowell: The U.S. economy likely to decline in the long run. The private sector cannot prosper against the onslaught of government largess.

[Flashback February 2011: There was a glimmer of a recovery but now it seems that what we saw back in February was just inventory restocking. Time has demonstrated Dr. Sowell’s warning as he was not optimistic in this video when “economists” the elite … Continue reading

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Obama’s Libya Speech: I am now for everything I ran against!

[Flashback March 2011. Since our Egypt and Libya policy are ending in disaster with the Muslim Brotherhood taking power in both countries, with Christians being slaughtered and in the case of Egypt, being attacked by government armored vehicles, and the Obama … Continue reading

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