FBI Offered $1 Million Dollars for Dirt on Trump Before 2016 Election. – UPDATED!

See the important UPDATE section below!

Welcome to the biggest election scandal in American history. While the FBI and CIA have engaged in election interference before and gotten caught, this brings it to an entirely new level. The FBI is finished.

FBI Agent Brian Auten, an agent we have written about previously about his corrupt election meddling (LINKLINKLINK), testified in court that the FBI offered ONE MILLION DOLLARS for hard evidence corroborating the contents of the manufactured Steele Dossier which was filled with bogus allegations of Trump/Russian collusion, salacious video etc.   

The worst part is that according to court documents, Special Prosecutor John Durham filings, Department of Justice (DoJ) Inspector General reports and other released FBI/DoJ internal documents and a guilty plea from a senior FBI lawyer who doctored evidence to give to the FISA Court, the FBI and DoJ not only knew full well the allegations were false and manufactured, the FBI helped to manufacture them. 

To be clear, the FBI was offering the one million dollars for evidence of allegations against Donald Trump they knew were false from the beginning and had to be manufactured.


The FBI was paying out hundreds of thousands to others for dirt on Trump as well: 

RIGGED: An FBI agent & a former FBI analyst both testified today they wanted the Mueller team to launch an investigation into Clinton ally Chuck Dolan related to his ties to Steele dossier source Igor Danchenko but the Mueller team refused to do so.

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