Pfizer & Government Lied. People Died.

The COVID “vaccine” – and we put that in quotes because they had to change the definition of vaccine for this particular shot – was never tested to see if it actually prevented people from catching and transmitting COVID.  Government knew this as their testing data was sent to CDCV/NIH/FDA before it received emergency approval. 

It gets better. Pfizer has admitted that the testing data they provided was fraudulent. This is not a surprise when you look at their rap sheet of previous ethics violations.  Their tactics in strong arming smaller countries is nothing short of brutal.

Data continues to come out showing the side effects of COVID shots are far worse than previously disclosed

Perhaps the dishonestly is because NIH employees were taking payments form pharmaceutical companies. It has also been reveals that government appointees and BigPharma representatives have a revolving door of employment from Pharma to government and back. See more of our previous CDC coverage HERE

How many people are dead? Myocarditis, pericarditis, blood clots, Bell’s Palsey etc. How many suicides? How many kids education held back for two years? How many jobs lost, small businesses closed, how many rights violated, how many people protesting lockdowns shot with rubber bullets by police? How many people and doctors banned from social media and threatened for telling the truth?

A full scale propaganda rewrite of history is about to begin. The first lie will be “No one said you wouldn’t get COVID if you got the shot.” They did repeatedly. The second lie will be “No one made you take it.”