Why Durham Can’t get a Conviction: Danchenko Acquitted

The FBI pays $200,000 to person B to manufacture lies about Donald Trump. Person B hands the lies (The Steele fake Russia dossier) to Chris Steele and the FBI. Now Durham comes along and tries to prosecute person B for handing the lies to the FBI. 

The people at fault are the FBI. Special Prosecutor John Durham has been trying to protect the FBI by painting them out to be the victim when in fact the FBI is the kingpin of the plot to spy on and frame President Trump for Russian collusion. Durham is using the low hanging fruit as a scapegoat. The jury can see that as well as we can. The swamp protects itself. 

BOOM! Corpo-Media Calls Kari Lake “Election Denier,” Instantly Regrets It.

They call Kari Lake names, but everyone she has challenged to debate the issue in public has ran away. “We can get you copies of these so some of you can learn how to be journalists.”