Recent Supreme Court Decision Likely Forces “Assault Weapon” Ban Hearing By End of Year

Justice Clarence Thomas

Democrats in state legislatures and some judges who have decided to be political hacks instead of legal minds do everything they can to get around the law or on some cases openly defy it using any cute language or technical trick they can come up with.

This lawless point of view is actually pushed by far left neo-marxist law professors in law schools as they teach, as Justice Scalia once warned,  that since the Constitution was written “by old white guys” the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are not valid or “equitable” so any way you can think of to get around them and defy them is academically valid.

However it seems that the new conservative majority on the Supreme Court, when it comes to the 1st and Second Amendments, is not having it. 

Maryland recently passed an “assault weapons ban” saying that said rifles were outside the 2nd Amendment because they have a military purpose. This not only goes exactly against recent Supreme Court rulings but also against U.S. v Miller (1939) which banned short sawed off shotguns because they did NOT have a military purpose. 

Democrats in the Congress are also trying top pass a similar unconstitutional ban. However in the case of Congress the Democrats know full well that ban will be struck down and they are doing this to virtue signal and please their base and fund raise off of.

Armed Scholar on YouTube explains: 

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