FBI Can’t Find Hunter Biden Laptop Given to Them Three Years Ago. Washington Post Now Admits Hunter Laptop Genuine.

First Politico, then the New York Times and now the Washington Post are admitting that the Hunter Biden laptop cover story that it was Russian disinformation was false. This includes the 51 intelligence officers, mostly CIA, who claimed, without evidence, in an open letter that the laptop was a Russian disinformation plant, all while DoJ officials said that it is genuine.

We are fortunate that the computer technician  that Hunter abandoned his laptop with did not trust the FBI and made multiple clones of the hard drive so that no one could find them all. The technician has been on the run as there are multiple credible threats on his life.

It turns out that making the clones and giving one to President Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, was a smart idea because the FBI testified to Congress that it has no idea where the laptop is. 

The head of FBI Cyber Division, Assistant Director Bryan Vorndran, tries to make the House Oversight Committee believe that the laptop is not under his purview but everyone knows better. During his testimony Vorndran clearly is squirming in an attempt to dance around the subject to avoid a perjury citation as he knows that Republicans are likely to have a big majority after the upcoming election. 

Representative Gaetz: You are telling me that as the Asst. Director of FBI Cyber you don’t know where the laptop is…”:

You can watch the entire exchange HERE. Gaetz then enters the entire contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop into the Congressional Record. Now no one in the government can claim that they did not know what was in it.

So why admit this now? 

There are several reasons. The most obvious is that with the distractions with the economy, inflation, and the Ukraine war the American people are distracted. It is still some time before the mid-term election. 

Of course since the laptop is legit so are the many scandals that are revealed in it’s contents. There is a grand jury investigating Hunter and there is an IRS investigation. More developments are about to drop. By reporting it now they can get ahead of the story and claim “hey we reported it.”  This also gives them an opportunity to create and test drive various defensive narratives to see what they can make stick with the public.

But the corporate media is still hiding much of the story – LINK.

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Eric Bowling blasts corporate media for lying to cover up the Hunter Biden laptop story and the Biden family corruption:

Law Professor Jon Turley

UPDATE – April 10, 2022

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