How we are being manipulated into war with Russia by the Democrats (video) – UPDATED!

Senator Obama in Kiev, Ukraine being shown a tray of weaponized Anthrax. Source : Andrew Weber with the Cooperative Threat Reduction Program (shown right). One of the labs corporate media, “fact-checkers” and the Biden Administration claimed do not exist.

NOTE: Please see the updated part I and II sections below!

We are being manipulated into war with Russia. This is not a conspiracy theory or even a stretch. When the facts are laid out this becomes obvious. 

Democrats have been dangling NATO membership in front of Ukraine like a cookie.  Putin warned that Russia will not have it. Strategically it is akin to Russia putting missiles in Cuba. We wouldn’t stand  for it. NATO membership comes with certain strategic offensive military capability that Russia does not want on its long border with Ukraine.

While dangling the NATO cookie, Obama refused to help Ukraine with lethal defensive weapons. Obama’s green nonsense raised global energy prices giving Putin a huge cashflow increase as Russia is a top exporter of oil and natural gas. Emboldened with a fat wallet, Putin invaded the Crimea Province of Ukraine. 

When President Trump took  office he authorized defensive weapon shipments to Ukraine, but pauses delivery of the weapons until he can get assurances from new Ukrainian President Zelensky that he will do more to fight the overwhelming corruption in his country. We do not want our defensive weapons and other aid being sold on the black market.

Zelensky, a comedian and actor from the poorest country in Europe has a net worth of almost $600 million which is something to keep in mind. 

Democrats called Trump’s pause in military aid an impeachable offense, but when Biden got in office he immediately stopped all defensive weapons to Ukraine, which somehow isn’t an impeachable offense.

Biden authorized the Russian oil pipeline NordStream II so that Western Europe can get addicted Russian oil. Green groups in Europe, along with pressure from the Obama and Biden administrations, have seen resounding success in getting Europe to shut down it’s own oil and gas production as well as shutting down several nuclear power plants. This allows Putin to use energy to drive a wedge between Europe and the Unites States. 

Putin has been funding these green groups – LINK.

Trump tried to stop all of thisLINK

On top of that, instead of shutting down the old Soviet era bioweapons labs. The Unites States has been expanding that researchLINK.

It is unlikely that Russian Intelligence did not know about these labs. 

Biden, upon taking office, put in place policies that drove up global energy costs, thus giving Putin a huge influx of cash to pay for his invasion, all while Ukraine is kept largely defenseless. 

Almost very call to give Ukraine the defensive weapons it needs at the time of this writing  has been denied by the Biden Administration save for a small shipment and Javelin and Stinger missiles. The excuse is that “providing better weapons would escalate and provoke Putin.”  It seems that the provoking is has already been done. Weakness amounted to further provocation.

Is there anything more the Democrats could have done to tempt Putin to invade? 

Anyone who mentions these facts is accused of being a treasonous Putin lover by the same people who did all they could to encourage Russia to invade in the first place. Such over the top rhetoric and the poor quality of the lies claiming that there are no biolabs give away what has now become obvious.

Lara Logan is the best war/national security correspondent in the world: 


Remember how we said that we are being manipulated into war and Putin was incentivized at every turn by the West to invade? Biden had his phone call with CCP Leader Xi Ping and was told: 

“Let he who tied the bell on the tiger’s neck take it off.”


April 23, 2022. Ambassador Marie Yovanovich was one of the fake “Ukrainian phone call” conspirators who lied to get support for the second Trump impeachment. When under oath she admitted that she did not know the things that she was claiming to the media.