NYT Mea Culpa: Hunter Biden Laptop Story True. 51 Intel Experts Claims of “Russian Disinformation” Were Lies.

UPDATE – Lying CIA officer brags about how CIA disinformation cost Trump the election.

It has finally happened. The New York Times has admitted what we all knew was true.  Even though FBI experts said it was authentic, the corporate media pushed the Russian disinformation lie to help Biden get elected, as well as 51 CIA and other intelligence officers which shows that the “intelligence community” has been manipulating elections, likely for sometime.

President Kennedy wanted to destroy the CIA. His life being taken from us likely saved the agency. The American people may finally understand why he found this to be so important.

The 51 intelligence officers refuse to apologize. You can see the list of them HERE. The fact that the CIA went this far to sway an election speaks volumes of how big the problems in the intelligence community are and how corrupt it has been allowed to become. It seems the this corruption has been with the blessing of and in partnership with the Democratic Party. 
The blessing also involved Big Tech. Things the intelligence community wants censored gets banned by Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and more. The New York Post, the oldest newspaper in the country, was banned from Twitter until they removed their tweets reporting the story.  The CIA’s long relationship with Hollywood is well known and has been well reported

Most of the corporate media echoed the “Russian conspiracy” lie.

We don’t believe that NYT is actually having a change of heart with statements in their editorial slamming cancel culture and the chilling affect media smear campaigns have on free speech. We believe that the polling on Biden and Harris is so bad, and with the domestic and foreign policy disasters coming one after another, Democrats have concluded that Joe has to go. Short term pain for long term gain. 

The New York Post has a good follow up to this story HERE. As does the Wall Street Journal, Reason Magazine,  

Of course CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC have completely ignored the New York Times mea culpa verifying Hunter Biden’s laptop emails.

There quite the list of commentary on this story, but if you only have time to watch one or two see Jesse Watters below followed by the Epoch Times’ analysis with Roman Balmakov:

Latest Democrat idiocy: Latino’s who vote Republican are white nationalists! (video)

You can’t make this stuff up. In their latest attempt to stoke division and the Marxist binary narrative that there are only two groups of people, the oppressors and the oppressed, far left “news site” Axios claims that Hispanics who support Republicans are “white nationalists.”

Anti-communist Latino’s from Cuba and Venezuela are getting quite a laugh.

Dinesh D’Souza has some fun with this: