Gay Activist Tammy Bruce Goes Nuclear on Disney for Promoting Sexualization of Very Young Children. Gov. DeSantis Comments. (video)

Tammy Bruce

Marxist “woke” teachers are not doctors, psychiatrists, or their students’ parents.  

Why would corporations , pressure groups and drug companies want very young children aged pre-k through 3rd grade to be lectured to by far left activist teachers about genitals, sex, homosexuality and trying to get them to doubt their own gender identity? And don’t tell your parents they say. 

Actually there are reasons. Drug companies make money from puberty blockers and hormones that schools are buying and giving to children behind parents’ back.

Pressure groups like the Human Rights Campaign raise money from Marxists, pedophilia activists and others to push this agenda.  Marxists believe that children belong to the state, not parents and this is why they receive support from George Soros and Chinese Communist Party (CCP) “foundations.” 

Marxists and Pedophiles have always put themselves in positions to go after young children. These activists claim to represent homosexual civil rights, but the truth is that most homosexuals hate these activists.

As Tammy Bruce explains, the last thing homosexuals want is to be accused of going after a child, as pedophiles have always tried to “mainstream” themselves by cloaking their perversions as run of the mill homosexuality. 

Just recently Disney employees were arrested in a child sex sting.


Remember those documents Pfizer wanted to hide for 75 years? Take a look…

The list of nasty list effects is long. They told us the poke was safe and effective. The list of terrible side effects is nine pages long and it is not double spaced. 

The entire trove of documents is HERE

Federal Govt Paid 100+ Media Outlets to Advertise Vaccines, Coinciding With Positive Stories:


Democrats’ Driving Up Energy Costs at Every Opportunity. Restrict Transporting LNG by Train (video)

The pipeline is the cheapest, safest and “greenest” way to transport liquid natural gas (LNG) and oil. We all know what Joe Biden did to that, unless of course Putin wants a pipeline and then Biden helped him get it done.

The nest cheapest and “greenest” way is by train, so the Biden administration banned that. So now it has to be transported by truck. Their excuse…. “Well a train can derail,” but a truck is perfectly safe it seems. 

Of course then they have to lie about it. They are deliberately hobbling domestic energy and driving up prices one regulatory slice at a time. 

About January 6th and ANTIFA …..

ANTIFA/BLM violence in Washington DC. May 2020

So let me get this straight….

The corporate media still refers to “the deadly events of January 6th” where the only people who died did so of natural causes and a female air force veteran named Ashli Babbitt was shot and killed by a Capitol Hill Security Officer with a history of disciplinary problems including leaving his firearm in a bathroom.  Babbitt attacked no one and harmed no one.

The same standard is not applied to ANTIFA where at least 30 people have been killed as a result of their violence and arson. The corporate media still refers to their actions as “mostly peaceful.”