Tucker Carlson should recognize the difference between defensive weapons for Ukraine vs NATO strategic weapons (video)

Tucker Carlson is half right.

Tucker is not differentiating between defensive tactical weapons and strategic offensive weapons. That difference is very important. Defensive weapons including fighters with small tactical missiles are fine. Ukraine, bordering Russia or not, has every right and a moral obligation to defend itself.

We support defensive weapons for Ukraine and always have. There is an important difference between being defensively strong, as weakness invites trouble, and being proactive and a threat to the national security of a major nuclear power.

That said Ukraine being a member of NATO is a genuine threat to Russian national security and should not be allowed to happen. NATO membership often means offensive strategic weapon deployments.  

Democrats need to stop dangling the NATO cookie in front of Ukraine. It was a deliberate and stupid provocation and now Ukraine is paying the price. In our view, the provocation was so foolish that the provocation seems deliberate. We are being manipulated. Tulsi Gabbard agrees:

Editorial: President Zelensky Needs Reverse Course on Outrageous Propaganda

So far, Ukraine has put out more effective false propaganda than Putin, but the more over the top claims are creating a credibility problem.

Ghost of Ukraine – a lie.

12 Guards on an Island…. well still alive.

Nuclear plant hit! Radiation rising! – False. The damage was superficial.

Miss Ukraine taking up arms to fight – the photo was an airsoft gun.

Putin should not have invaded – period. Ukraine has every right and a moral obligation to defend itself. That said it is in Ukraine’s best interests that President Zelensky should knock off the Soviet style propaganda. It is already starting to catch up with him. Zelensky cannot afford a crisis in credibility right now. When people realize they are being lied to the good will Zelensky now enjoys will dry up really fast and it is already starting to happen.

If Russia goes full shock and awe the world will see it as the Russian Army is largely an artillery force. So far, Putin – considering Russia’s full military capability – has shown restraint. Its bad to be sure and Russian solders are not professional by Western standards. There has obviously been some indiscriminate shelling by the Russians, but considering their genuine artillery capability the damage is far, while significant, does not reflect what Russia is capable of.

Speaking of lies, part of the impeachment was that Trump paused military aid to Ukraine until he could get assurance that they are taking honest steps to fight corruption – somehow Democrats viewed that as a crime. BUT IT WAS BIDEN who cut off defensive weapons to Ukraine in the first days he took office.