Alec Baldwin being protected by corpomedia after creepy ABC interview – UPDATE

Leave it to former Clinton communications hit man George Stephanopoulos to try to rescue Alec Baldwin. 

There are no “ifs” or “buts” anyone who knows guns understands that when a gun is placed in your hand it is your responsibility to ensure safety. Every negligent gun death happens with an “unloaded gun.” 

Below is a video of Will Smith demonstrating this simple truth: 

How would Alec Baldwin have reacted if such an incident happened to an NRA guy like Tom Selleck. We all know the answer. That said it would never happen to an NRA guy because virtually everyone who has firearms training and/or is a part of the gun culture would check any firearm handed to them every time without exception. 

Alec Baldwin is not new to firearms. He knew better and is at fault. 

Jeremy form Geeks & Gamers has more:

Famed Canadian attorney Viva Frei goes over the interview and show’s how Baldwin unintentionally incriminated himself. 

When Alec Baldwin said that he did not have his finger on the trigger he was almost certainly not speaking the truth. If the hammer slipped off his thumb it would go to the half cock position and not fire…….unless he was depressing the trigger.

Disney vandalizes Hawkeye just as they did Loki and Luke Skywalker

So far the writing in the show is not very good and the Kate Bishop character is not just believable. The actress playing Bishop is supposed to be this champion athlete and in the show she can’t even run in a good stride, it is more like a waddle. She can’t show us she is great so the show has to keep telling us that she is.

Disney pulled a bait and switch again as Hawkeye is really the Kate Bishop show with Hawkeye having a guest role.

No one opposes good female characters, but the point is that just like any other character they have to be good, well written and the actress has to be believable. Black Widow, Gamora, and Jessica Jones were done well as was Ripley from Alien, Sarah Connor from Terminator and Princess Leia from Star Wars. 

Three episodes in our take is that Jeremy Renner deserves better.

Nerdrotic has details.

Content Warning: Marjorie Taylor Greene Plays Shocking Death Threats (video)

The elite media gaslights anyone who isn’t a Marxist and then they absolve themselves of any responsibility for people who believe their vile propaganda. 

The man who shot Steve Scalise was a “Bernie Bro” who watched MSNBC and was a Rachael Maddow fan. 

Randall Brooks who drove his SUV into a Christmas Parade killing six in Waukesha Wisconsin had all sorts of BLM propaganda on his social media including his objection to Kyle Rittenhouse being found not guilty. 

Here are some examples of corporate media gaslighting:

Republican Congressman hold presser on bill requiring school lessons on the evils of communism (video)

Communism/Marxism is responsible for the deaths of 120 million people in the last century and the millions who have died in this century are still being tallied. 

The hard left has effective control over most public school systems and they are not teaching about the human catastrophe that communism has wrought most everywhere it has been tried. 

You will notice that there are no Democrats in this presser and there are not very many Republicans form the leadership here either as many are under the influence global mega-corporations and/or the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). 

In the video Dan Cranshaw talks about former KGB disinformation officer Yuri Bezmenov who lectured that 85% of the KGB’s budget went to information warfare infiltrating American schools and mass media. 

Steven Crowder and Sarah Silverman on “What if we split the country?” (video)

This is an interesting thought exercise on what if we split the country in two, with leftists getting some states for them and traditionalists getting their states? 

This is worth your time and Crowder makes some very good points for his case. Crowder goes through much of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights demonstrating how leftists/Democrats oppose most of it. 

We have some problems with Crowder’s argument however, he did not mention the 4th Amendment freedom from unreasonable search and seizure. While there are indeed “establishment” anti-populist Republicans who like the surveillance state, most traditional Americans oppose it for obvious reasons. Almost every Democrat who opposes mass public surveillance has been driven out of party leadership. The 4th Amendment is a human right and Crowder should have said so. 

We also very much wish Crowder would stop calling the left “liberals” as there is nothing liberal about them. The Democratic Party has become a cabal of corporatist kleptocrats and neo-Marxian authoritarians. 

Lastly, dividing the country would never work as the left hates freedom and the ideals of Western Civilization. They will not tolerate an American example that would out perform them economically and stand as a beacon of freedom to the world. They would be and are hellbent on destroying that example. We know this because there are several neo-Marxist authoritarian countries they could move to any time they wished, but no they are hellbent on destroying our Constitution and Bill of Rights.