Famed Attorney’s Viva & Barnes on Biden Mandates Going to SCOTUS, Maxwell Trial, Facebook Admits “Fact Checks” are Just Opinion, FBI/DoJ Corruption and More (video)

Famed Canadian Attorney Viva Frei and famed trial Lawyer Robert Barnes cover the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, the Potter trial, FBI/DoJ corruption and more. 

Facebook admits in court that it’s “Fact Checks” are just someone’s opinion that they contracted with and that no reasonable person would take as actual fact. 

This is entertaining and also very enlightening with details on current events one will never see in the corporate media.

Scott Adams: Are they trying to persuade you with fear or with data? (video)

This video from Scott Adams is very much worth your time.  Adams is a master of the psychological techniques involved with persuasion and propaganda. He is also the creator of Dilbert Comics. 

Most people respond to fear over data as they are not trained thinkers, but people only respond to fear until they have had enough. Those who use fear as their key persuasion technique attack their opposition personally. They also will then use bogus studies and data to justify or rationalize their fear mongering. 

Most people have no idea how pervasive academic misconduct is and how far too many studies are designed and manipulated with the result predetermined. Money, social and political pressures are used keep people in line. 

When those who want to do a deep dive into the processes that certain “data” is produced are called crackpots and genuine data analysis is pushed aside, that should be a warning sign that someone has an agenda. 

Experts are almost never as expert as they claim. Just a couple of months ago “they” told you that the J&J poke is fine, that didn’t turn out so well did it?