Disney vandalizes Hawkeye just as they did Loki and Luke Skywalker

So far the writing in the show is not very good and the Kate Bishop character is not just believable. The actress playing Bishop is supposed to be this champion athlete and in the show she can’t even run in a good stride, it is more like a waddle. She can’t show us she is great so the show has to keep telling us that she is.

Disney pulled a bait and switch again as Hawkeye is really the Kate Bishop show with Hawkeye having a guest role.

No one opposes good female characters, but the point is that just like any other character they have to be good, well written and the actress has to be believable. Black Widow, Gamora, and Jessica Jones were done well as was Ripley from Alien, Sarah Connor from Terminator and Princess Leia from Star Wars. 

Three episodes in our take is that Jeremy Renner deserves better.

Nerdrotic has details.

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