Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win (video)

Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win by Peter Schweizer is the number one best seller on Amazon. 

This behavior is exactly what President Trump was having some success fighting against, which is why the corrupt elites and global corporations pining for access to China went after him with every dirty trick imaginable. 

New York Post: How Big Tech elites are helping China achieve global supremacy – LINK

New York Post: Chinese elite have paid some $31 million to Hunter and the Bidens – LINK

Highlights of President Trump’s Epic Speech in Texas (video)

Lauren Southern: A Brief History of PsyOps (video)

Most attempts at psychological warfare have been a joke. Laughable. Now the FBI, the intelligence community and the Democratic Party are using these “PsyOps” against Americans for political purposes. 

The link below is just one example of many: 


[Editor’s Note – “Q anon” is also another obvious example of state run disinformation. ]

Special Prosecutor John Durham Releases Update to Trump/Russia Hoax Investigation

The only person in the federal government charged with prosecuting the liars and criminals in the FBI/DoJ/Clinton Campaign and democrats lawyers for the Russian Collusion hoax is John Durham. 

Since the Clintons do everything from layers of lawyers they use as proxies willing to do their criminal bidding Durham has had to go to court in multiple jurisdictions to get the court to authorize breaching attorney-client privilege. So far Durham has been successful. 

Durhams’s most recent court filing can be found HERE

Court Filings Show that Senior FBI/DoJ Officials Knew Trump/Russian Collusion a Hoax

Disgraced Former FBI Director James Comey
Disgraced Former FBI Director James Comey

The Federalist
Over last weekend, attorneys for Carter Page filed responses to motions to dismiss filed by the FBI and eight agents involved in the Crossfire Hurricane investigation that led to the government illegally obtaining four surveillance warrants to spy on Page.

With Spygate developments few and far between, it is easy to forget the breadth and depth of the scandal. The briefs docketed on Saturday in Page’s lawsuit against the FBI and the agents involved in obtaining the four Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) surveillance warrants serve as an important refresher of what our government did to an innocent man in the hopes of “getting Trump.” As Page’s brief against the individual defendants noted in its opening, this case is extraordinary because they “were not mere field agents bending the rules to pursue criminals, but rather the highest level FBI executives.”

Even the case name, Page v. Comey, confirms the truth of that assertion, with former FBI Director James Comey named as one of the eight defendants. Page’s brief details Comey’s alleged involvement in the Department of Justice obtaining four FISA surveillance orders against the Naval Academy graduate, stressing that Comey was not merely a “supervisory” who signed the FISA applications, but was personally involved.

Establishing Comey and the other agents’ personal involvement proved a key feature of the briefs, because, to avoid dismissal of the complaint, Page needed to show the allegations of the complaint could reasonably support a finding that the individual defendants did more than merely supervise employees who violated Page’s Fourth Amendment rights and rights under FISA.

The 70-page omnibus brief addressing the claims against the individual defendants detailed the personal involvement of each. For instance, for the former FBI director, the brief stressed that “on or about August 17, 2016, Comey received information from the CIA establishing that Dr. Page was an ‘operation contact’ for the CIA during the period of 2008-2013.”

Comey also knew from a September 7, 2016, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) communique that Hillary Clinton had approved “a plan concerning U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump and Russian hackers hampering U.S. elections as a means of distracting the public from her use of a private mail server,” according to the court filing. Comey nonetheless approved the use of the fabricated Christopher Steele dossier to obtain the FISA surveillance orders, and eventually signed three of the four FISA surveillance applications.

Next named in Page’s lawsuit was Andrew McCabe, a former deputy director of the FBI. McCabe was also personally involved in obtaining the illegal FISA surveillance order, according to Page’s most recent court filing.

Among other things, McCabe signed the affidavit the FBI submitted in support of the final FISA application. McCabe’s involvement went further, Page’s attorneys argued, pointing out that he hosted an August 15, 2016 meeting with co-defendants Peter Strzok and Lisa Page discussing “an insurance policy” to prevent a Donald Trump election, and he had approved the FISA applications even though he knew they omitted Carter Page’s past assistance to the CIA.

The brief next discussed Kevin Clinesmith’s involvement in the FISA abuse. Clinesmith, who served as an assistant general counsel in the FBI’s Office of General Counsel, falsely told the FBI that Page was never a source. Then, when asked for written confirmation of that representation, Clinesmith altered the text of the email he had received from the CIA liaison, making the email read that Page was “not a ‘source.’”

Clinesmith then forwarded the altered email to the FBI. Clinesmith later pleaded guilty to making a false statement related to this conduct.

Strzok and Lisa Page’s involvement in the FISA surveillance scheme received attention next. Strzok, who served at the time as the FBI deputy assistant director for counterintelligence, also knew of the CIA’s warning that Clinton had approved a plan to claim Trump had colluded with Russia to “distract the public” from her misuse of a private server. Strzok also stated an intention to “stop” Trump from becoming president and discussed “an insurance policy” to prevent a Trump election.

Lisa Page’s personal involvement mirrored that of Strzok’s, but in addition she attended a briefing with McCabe, at which “Bruce Ohr advised them that Steele’s work product was not for the U.S. Government but, rather, was political opposition research for a private political party.”

The briefs repeated this process for the remaining individual defendants: Joe Pientka, who served as a supervisory agent on the Crossfire Hurricane team; Stephen Somma, an FBI agent who represented himself as “Steve Holt” to Page; and Brian Auten, an FBI supervisory intelligence analyst.

Pientka, Carter Page stressed, had falsely certified that the information in the first FISA warrant was verified for accuracy and later failed to correct the application, even after learning in November 2016 from Ohr that Steele was not a reliable source and had been paid to conduct the opposition research against Trump.

The response filed on Saturday also detailed Somma’s involvement, noting that he had pushed initially for the FISA warrant. Further, according to Page, “Defendant Somma personally provided incomplete, inaccurate, and conflicting information to the DOJ Office Attorney who asked whether Dr. Page had been a source for the CIA.”

In fact, according to Page, Somma actually knew he had served as an “operational contact” for the CIA from 2008-2013, but failed to accurately describe that relationship to others. Somma also did not inform the FISA court that Igor Danchenko, Steele’s primary sub-source for his fabricated dossier, contradicted Steele’s supposed intel.

The final defendant, Auten, also held personal responsibility for violating Page’s Fourth Amendment rights and violations of the Patriot Act, according to Page’s lawyer. Auten “played an instrumental role along with the agents preparing the FISA applications—including reviewing the probable cause section of the applications.”

In preparing the applications, Auten “falsely enhanced the credibility of information obtained from Steele,” according to Page, writing “that information from Steele had been ‘corroborated and used in criminal proceedings,’ although none of Steele’s past reporting as an informant had been corroborated and had never been used in any criminal proceedings.”

Auten also “intentionally failed to disclose the negative feedback that he had received from British Intelligence Service colleagues regarding Steele,” according to the court filing, including a caution from “Steele’s former colleagues that Steele exercised ‘poor judgment’ and pursued as sources ‘people with political risk but no intel value.’”

[Editor’s Note: According to the law and FISA Court rules all of this should have been disclosed to the court, it wasn’t.]

Tulsi Gabbard Exposes How Many Democrats Are In the Pockets of War Mongering Defense Contractors (video)

While one party talks like a bunch of anti-war doves, the truth is that they are just as much in the pocket of defense contractors as some Republicans. Talk is cheap.  We know who the Republican war mongers are, but their Democrat counterparts are rarely discussed. 

Ukraine as a country is a mess and is as corrupt as it gets, but the Democratic Party since Obama/Biden and the Clinton Foundation have exploited it for their own corruption and made it worse. The Hunter Biden bribes from Ukrainian oligarchs and energy companies are just the tip of the iceberg. 

Former Democrat Presidential Candidate Tulsi Gabbard has been one of the few in her party to point this out.  We really do not have a very good reason to bring Ukraine into NATO. As it stands now they are more problems then gains. 

The only good argument to protect them is that we agreed to protect Ukraine if they gave up their nuclear weapons. They did and we have not protected them and it was Obama who made that decision the first time Russia invaded part of Ukraine.  Why would anyone give up their nukes or trust our word in such an agreement ever again…especially after what Biden pulled in Afghanistan? 

Why High Tax Rates Benefit the Super Rich (video)

We remember when Phillip-Morris tobacco and food company lobbied Congress to raise taxes on cigarettes. Did they do this out of a concern for the poor?  No.  Did they do it out of a sense of patriotism? No. 

They did it to destroy their competitors. Phillip-Morris is such a huge operation that their economy of scale makes them profitable. They can make products cheaper than almost anyone. So when tobacco taxes are raised Phillip-Morris can pay the tax without changing the price, their smaller competitors can’t absorb the tax and must raise their price this knocking them out of several markets. 

Phillip-Morris is big enough that they can but other tax breaks and favorable regulations to make up for the tobacco tax somewhere else while their smaller competitors do not have such an option. 

Report: Ashli Babbitt Shooting Investigation Was An Incomplete “Whitewash”

Ashli Babbitt (right) /w Stephanie Berman

Real Clear Investigations:

“He [Officer Byrd] didn’t provide any statement to [criminal] investigators and they didn’t push him to make a statement,” Babbitt family attorney Terry Roberts said in an RCI interview. “It’s astonishing how skimpy his investigative file is.”

Roberts, who has spoken with the D.C. MPD detective assigned to the case, said the kid-glove treatment of Byrd raises suspicions the investigation was a “whitewash.”

The lawyer’s account appears to be backed up by a January 2021 internal affairs report, which notes Byrd “declined to provide a statement,” D.C. MPD documents show.

Asked about it, a D.C. MPD spokeswoman confirmed that Byrd did not cooperate with internal affairs agents or FBI agents, who jointly investigated what was one of the most high-profile officer-involved shooting cases in U.S. history.

Why The Galaxy Still Feared the Jedi After the Destruction of the Second Death Star

Even during the Clone Wars Palpatine used the media to blame the conflict on “just another war of the Jedi fighting each other.” 

That propaganda was designed to make both the Emperor and society out to be the victims of the Jedi as this video of an imperial officer who has a chance run in with Luke Skywalker shows below. 

As far as the Galaxy and the imperial remnant was concerned a Jedi pilot blew up the first Death Star and then walked into the second Death Star, kicked Vader’s and the Palpatine’s butt’s and then blow up the second one. Understanding how powerful they were and the Empire was, while many appreciated Luke’s efforts to bring the Empire down, it served to advance that fear so much more. 

Imperial Commander Moff Gideon, after seeing that Luke Skywalker had boarded his ship, was so terrified that tried to take his own life. 

Lara Logan and Ivory Hecker Dismantle Most Every Corporate Media False Narrative of the Last Two Years (video)

Lara Logan and Ivory Hecker are two of the finest and most ethical journalists alive today. They remain true to real journalism in a world that has all but abandoned in in order to keep access in China and advertisers such as Pfizer. 

Please take the time to watch all of it as it is very enlightening and pass it along to your “blue pilled” friends.

Leaked Department of Defense Docs Show Funding of Chinese “Gain of Function” Bio-Weapons Research on Corona Viruses Under Fauci’s watch

Senate Hearing Reveals How Corrupt the FBI/DoJ have Become (video)

It is time to clean house. Mass firings. Lets hope when the GOP retakes Congress they take real action such as cutting off funding.

The legendary Scott Adams calls out the FBI for lying :

If the answer to the Senator’s questions is “no” than what methods and personnel would they be revealing?…..Exactly….

Now that the politicking and power grabs have failed: AMA and Biden officials say COVID is one of several circulating viruses

And who has been saying this since 2020?

Why Democrats Are Going Off the Rails /w Jan 6th /Pearl Harbor Comparisons (video)