Alec Baldwin being protected by corpomedia after creepy ABC interview – UPDATE

Leave it to former Clinton communications hit man George Stephanopoulos to try to rescue Alec Baldwin. 

There are no “ifs” or “buts” anyone who knows guns understands that when a gun is placed in your hand it is your responsibility to ensure safety. Every negligent gun death happens with an “unloaded gun.” 

Below is a video of Will Smith demonstrating this simple truth: 

How would Alec Baldwin have reacted if such an incident happened to an NRA guy like Tom Selleck. We all know the answer. That said it would never happen to an NRA guy because virtually everyone who has firearms training and/or is a part of the gun culture would check any firearm handed to them every time without exception. 

Alec Baldwin is not new to firearms. He knew better and is at fault. 

Jeremy form Geeks & Gamers has more:

Famed Canadian attorney Viva Frei goes over the interview and show’s how Baldwin unintentionally incriminated himself. 

When Alec Baldwin said that he did not have his finger on the trigger he was almost certainly not speaking the truth. If the hammer slipped off his thumb it would go to the half cock position and not fire…….unless he was depressing the trigger.

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