Steven Crowder and Sarah Silverman on “What if we split the country?” (video)

This is an interesting thought exercise on what if we split the country in two, with leftists getting some states for them and traditionalists getting their states? 

This is worth your time and Crowder makes some very good points for his case. Crowder goes through much of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights demonstrating how leftists/Democrats oppose most of it. 

We have some problems with Crowder’s argument however, he did not mention the 4th Amendment freedom from unreasonable search and seizure. While there are indeed “establishment” anti-populist Republicans who like the surveillance state, most traditional Americans oppose it for obvious reasons. Almost every Democrat who opposes mass public surveillance has been driven out of party leadership. The 4th Amendment is a human right and Crowder should have said so. 

We also very much wish Crowder would stop calling the left “liberals” as there is nothing liberal about them. The Democratic Party has become a cabal of corporatist kleptocrats and neo-Marxian authoritarians. 

Lastly, dividing the country would never work as the left hates freedom and the ideals of Western Civilization. They will not tolerate an American example that would out perform them economically and stand as a beacon of freedom to the world. They would be and are hellbent on destroying that example. We know this because there are several neo-Marxist authoritarian countries they could move to any time they wished, but no they are hellbent on destroying our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  

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