Hidden Cam: Pfizer Scientists Admit Natural Immunity Better than Vax. Have You Seen Pfizer’s Violations RAP Sheet? (video)

Pfizer scientists on hidden camera explain how natural immunity is more robust vs the CCP Virus than any vax. 

The Biden Administration has been in denial over the side effects of some of the vaccines and has even gone so far as to break the law and tell employers to not report side effects of the poke to the CDC. 

There are two main reasons that the drug companies and politicians who take their money insist that everyone get the poke whether they need it or not. 

1 – By vaccinating everyone, even those who have already contracted Covid, it will be impossible to distinguish “Covid-induced Myocarditis” from vaccine-induced myocarditis and other symptoms. Those who die from a bad reaction to the poke can be listed as dying of the virus. 

2 – The same reason that less expensive treatments have all the the sudden become stigmatized by a massive propaganda campaign. It’s all about the money.

Pfizer scientists shown in the hidden camera footage below admit it is all about the money. 

[Editor’s Note: We are by no means against vaccines in general. We understand that these new vaccines were whipped together in a few months on an emergency basis and could not be fully tested. We have seen the CDC self reporting database of the side effects of these vaccines and it is a matter of concern as the Pfizer scientists in the video admit. There are also those people who get most vaccines but are allergic to one of them. Some people are allergic to flu shots for example and such people will want to wait and make certain it is safe for them which is perfectly understandable.] 

Trust the Science!

One reason it is so difficult to trust the science is that scientists often lie to us because they are paid too. Linked is a list of the violations  that Pfizer has been fined for since 2000. The fines total more than $4.66 billion. On the list of violations includes false claims, corrupt practices (bribes), safety and anti-competition offenses. It reads like the mafia rap sheet or a RICO indictment. 


The video below is a TED Talk from veteran CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson about the power of Big Pharma:

The video below from DW Documentary explains the power that Big Pharma has in government and media: 

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