FBI admits they don’t track ANTIFA violence (video)

Under questioning by Rep. Nancy Mace, the FBI admitted that they don’t calculate or track violence committed by far-left Antifa radicals.

So when the FBI says that “the most violence” happens from the Proud Boys or something like that in spite of having next to nothing to show for it, it is because they are not even tracking certain protected left wing terrorist organizations who have been killing, burning, looting and rioting with impunity.

Just when you thought the FBI could not fail America even worse, they do. 

Examples of the FBI Failing America: 

New IG report on FBI Abuses Damning. Dir. Wray Promised to Fix It – It’s Worse – LINK

The FBI Fails America Again (video) – UPDATED! – LINK

The Inside Story of How “Spygate”, The FBI/DoJ Plot Against President Trump, was Uncovered (video) – LINK

FBI Document Forger Who Lied to FISA Court Walks – LINK

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