Alex Jones Loses Defamation Lawsuits by Sandy Hook Parents – Why This Helps Conservatives

Alex Jones ranting on Justin Bieber

InfoWars occasionally does decent journalism and that is the problem. So much of their reporting is exaggerated and/or makes claims that are not supported by verifiable evidence. One tactic that infowars uses a great deal, and we have criticized, is they will demonstrate fact A, B and C and then go on to claim that because of that X, Y and Z are real without any evidence.

We all know what Jones said about the parents of those killed at Sandy Hook and we are not going to even repeat it here as it is so vile.

Rachel Maddow uses the same propaganda tactics as InfoWars resulting in Maddow also being sued for defamation. Maddow claimed that OAN News was Russian Propaganda, which everyone knows is a lie.

Rachel Maddow’s lawyers told to the court that no reasonable person would take anything she says as fact. Her lawyers told the court that she routinely engages in hyperbolic speculation and her audience knows that. Since everyone knows that OAN is not Russian propaganda the judges threw the suit out because a reasonable person knows that Maddow is not credible.

Jones could have used a similar defense and in our opinion he would have won if he did. Instead reports are that Jones refused to comply with court mandated discovery and if you do that a court is going to rule against you (now if we could just get judges to do that when the FBi/DoJ refuse to comply with discovery things would be fair).

So how is this good for conservatives?

The corporate media engages in the worst forms of defamation against anyone that steps out of line with the Democrat orthodoxy – racist – sexist – bigot – homophobe – white supremacist – you want to kill old people – you hate children – Hilter – NAZI etc.

The Supreme Court, in a well intentioned zeal to protect free speech, has allows the pendulum to swing too far. Big money interests are taking advantage of that to destroy people with lies maliciously and intentionally.

Every time a defamation case doesn’t get thrown out it is a win for conservatives as the legal pendulum is starting to swing the other way. The libel suits filed by Project Veritas against corporate media liars are a fine example.

The other reason this is a win or conservatives is obvious, Alex Jones’ lies and over the top rants have been used to tar all conservatives. Jones had a big audience and thus a responsibility to make a genuine effort to get it right. He failed spectacularly.

Most conservatives have always considered Jones to be a buffoon, if he could have just admitted that to the court he would have walked.

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