Election Battle Mega Post VIII – The Kraken Revealed

Editor’s Note on the Sydney Powell Dominion angle:

When we heard Sydney Powell’s claims we were intrigued. Based on her stellar reputation as an appeals attorney we gave her claims the benefit of the doubt.

After claiming that Dominion changed votes in many places that we have discovered that said machines were not even used, combined with the fact that her claims are based on a few “super sources” who have filed affidavits – we believe that Powell has been the victim of a deep state disinformation campaign of the type that the CIA uses against other countries.

Long-time readers of Political Arena know that we are well versed on propaganda techniques of the Soviet and Chinese variety.

There is huge statistical evidence of fraud in the six key states. There is evidence of huge absentee ballot fraud in some areas demonstrated to be up to 50% fraudulent. Election laws about signature verification and having observers of both parties actually observing were broken and are absolutely winnable in a court of law – but combine that with a near impossible to prove international conspiracy that gets shot down by mere details of where the dominion machines were used and where they were not. When the fantastic conspiracy theory gets shot down it brings down the credibility of the credible parts of Trump’s case.

If we may elaborate on our previous point for a moment; while there appear be real problems with Dominion machines being vulnerable as many Democrats (and states such as Texas) have argued in recent years, the grand conspiracy being put forth by Powell is just that, grand. Even with our limited resources we are able to poke holes in it. Why would “they” bring this info to Powell and not a legendary mafia attorney like Giuliani who also knows election law? Powell knows so little about elections that she doesn’t know where these machines are being used and where they aren’t. And while these machines do have vulnerabilities, if they were vulnerable in the way that her sources claim why the absentee ballot scams, ballot stuffing scams and the dead voting scams? Democrats wouldn’t need them.

Sydney Powell is a great appeals attorney, but she is not an election lawyer, has no experience in election law and it shows. Smarter people than Powell have been victims of deep state disinformation campaigns and we mean that sincerely. She is a victim. This is why the Trump team has put daylight between her lawsuit.

This is not to say that there is not merit to many of Powel’s claims, there is, but a good misinformation campaign includes just enough falsehood to undermine the truth.

Also, while L. Lin Wood is a fantastic defamation attorney, we have doubts about his ability as an election lawyer.

Now on to the good stuff.







This is why we have appeals courts….


Last and probably least – let us remember just what it is we are dealing with: