Our Closing Argument

The bottom line is that since George Bush Senior we have lost on every trade deal and lost every negotiation with China.

Bush failed is, Clinton failed us, Bush failed us, Obama/Biden failed us.

The only one to renegotiate these deals and stand up for American workers and farmers against big corporate and international interests is Donald Trump and in doing so he rescued our economy and we believe he can do it again.

The Smartest Man in the World (IQ of 210) on the US Election.

Chris Langan is the smartest man in the world with an estimated IQ of 210. Albert Einstein’s IQ was measured at 160.

Langan is the author of the Cognitive Theoretical Model of the Universe (CTMU)

Tucker Carlson’s Final Argument: It’s all about the Butler Pennsylvania’s

Tucker Carlson at his very best. There may be no finer argument than this: