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Trump wins 1st PA Lawsuit, 1.8M more votes than voters, FBI caught intimidating USPS whistleblower – Election Mega Post VI

Epoch Times: How Statistical Forensics works – Banford’s Law Dr. Victor Davis Hanson: Great news on Georgia! Here’s the data on the outsize “Biden Only” ballots there, solid statistical reasons to be optimistic that Trump will prevail in a hand … Continue reading

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Greg Kelly: What Has Happened to Fox News? (video)

Former Fox News Star Greg Kelly

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Canadian Lawyer: Reading NYT Election Coverage is Like Reading Psychological Manipulation

Canadian attorney Viva Frei shows off his understanding of propaganda and psych warfare techniques while destroying these two clearly false NYT hit pieces. Viva Frei destroys NYT claims using information from  their own article:

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Former Democrat Election Lawyer: There is More Than Smoke, There is Fire. (video)

Famed attorney and former Democrat election Lawyer Robert Barnes explains how the fraud happened and how the process will work from here.

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