Trump is suing: Republican vote observers illegally kicked out in five Democrat controlled swing states. – UPDATED!

President Trump was ahead in Nevada, Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin – all swing states ran by Democrats – stopped counting the vote…and then all of the sudden they “found” in some cases over 130,000 Biden votes. These votes were counted illegally as Republican poll watchers and ballot watchers were kicked out of the rooms where the counting was done and only Democrats were allowed. This is illegal because both parties are allowed by law to observe every step of the process. Such illegal vote counting is also being done in Philadelphia.

UPDATE – Democrats in certain states have illegally kicked out Republican Observers

Lawyers Viva and Barnes on how the Democrat Vote Fraud happened and how they identified it –

UPDATE – Pennsylvania Democrat’s now in violation of court order to allow observers access to counting –

There are countless reports of individual Republican poll watchers and counting observers being removed all over social media, in some cases by force.

Other big states such as Texas and Florida are huge and still counted their votes quickly and accurately. So why are Democrat swing states all having the exact same problem?

Is this transparency??

And not so long ago….

The numbers just don’t add up: