Dems Violate Supreme Court Order. Software “Glitch” Could Have Switched Hundreds of Thousands of Votes to Biden. The Dead Vote. Election Fraud Mega Post III.

Software “Glitches” switched 6000 votes to Democrat’s in one Michigan County and 47 counties used that software totaling a possible 282,000 votes just in Michigan. Other software programs are also having glitches but so far it seems that glitches only benefit one candidate. The software Dominion, Hammer and Scorecard have all had glitches supporting Biden. Dominion software is so bad that Texas has banned its use.

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito ordered Pennsylvania Dems to segregate and secure all ballots that came in after 8pm on election day. And while the Democrat Secretary of State voiced approval, the Democrats did not comply, prompting a second order.

Thousands of dead people have “voted”. Criminal vote fraud referrals have been made. Over 100,000 ballots in a single state show a vote for Biden but no one else down ticket. This is done in fraudulent ballots so that no one local on the ballot can challenge the them as the local candidates know the territory.

Post office workers have been blowing the whistle on being ordered to hand stamp fraudulent ballots with November 3rd post marks. Videos show election workers filling out out new ballots in the room where they are being counted!

Republican lawyers and observers are still illegally being kept from observing. Are we to believe that Biden got more votes than Obama but only in swing states controlled by Democrats?

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