Buyers Remorse: Democrats Already Regretting Biden Vote

Democrats shocked at Biden’s “Dark Winter” comments – Thought draconian shutdown would end if Biden won…nope.

Biden already picking a who’s whop of big tech, big pharma, corporate media, and Wall Street executives and lobbyists to fill his potential administration. Welcome back to the old days as the United States and American workers are getting sold out and ripped off again. Back to losing every negotiation we get into with China.

The video below from “Liberal Hivemind” is biased as the presenter certainly has a point of view, how ever in this case the presenter is very accurate with what is already going on with a potential Biden Administration.

Laura Ingraham:

One thought on “Buyers Remorse: Democrats Already Regretting Biden Vote”

  1. Best thing to soothe that buyers remorse is to get the “vaccine”. Schedule your appointment today!

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