Media Strategy: Keep Asking Trump About White Supremacy Over & Over – Pretend He Never Answered

The reality leaders of such groups like Richard Spencer votes Democrat and has endorsed Joe Biden. KKK leader Will Quigg endorsed Hillary Clinton. David Duke endorsed Democrat Tulsi Gabbard and Joe Biden spoke at the eulogy of a former Klan Grand Kleagle.

Joe Biden has a long record of racist statements and support for segregation such as his famed “racial jungle” comments. More about that below, but first…. if one were top listen to the elite media the last few days you might think that Trump is unwilling to denounce extremist groups, you know just like Democrats are unwilling to denounce ANTIFA/BLM violence.

Watch the videos and see for yourself

Trump disavowing hate extremists over 20 timesLINK

The Democrats and the media keep bringing this up because Trump has made rapid gains in support among black Americans. Keep in mind that such extremist groups amount to only a few thousand people nationwide. They are not a voting or donation block that has any real impact. BLM/ANTIFA is funded by billionaires such as George Soros and his money certainty does have an impact.

Identity politics driven neo-marxists are also racists. They are just the other side of the coin from white supremacist groups. Even now they are trying to have the civil rights provisions stripped from the California Constitution.

This isn’t 1975 anymore and Biden still said this:

Biden’s Racist 1975 Segregation Comments

[Editor’s Note – Notice that for media analysis we picked two computer gaming channels instead of the normal political fair. These guys do not want to be talking about politics, they would rather be doing video game and movie reviews, but the press has gotten so outrageous and dangerous that lay people are standing up and taking notice. Their analysis is spot on and worth your time.]

Geeks and Gamers on the Democrat Media Strategy to Racially Agitate:

Josiah Rises:

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