Amy Barrett Will Not Be Trump’s Nominee.

by Political Arena Editor Chuck Norton

UPDATE II – So how did we call this wrong? We trusted that someone close to President Trump would explain how Barrett has a number of rulings that violate judicial norms and go against several of President Trump’s stated positions and what he expects from a judge. It seems that this did not happen. Please read on at the following link –  Amy Coney Barrett Rulings Show Real Problems for Conservatives

UPDATE – The corporate and deep state establishment is pushing hard on President Trump for Judge Barrett – Read this conservatives and those who care about civil liberties and tell me if this is what you want in a judge? –

Short, sweet, and to the point, this is how we see President Trump’s top three choices for the Supreme Court.

President Trump will not nominate Amy Barrett. He is much more likely to pick Barbara Lagoa or Allison Rushing.

Lagoa and Rushing are more politically acceptable to certain Senators and and are just plain better judges.


Judge Barrett ruled to support the draconian Democrat shutdown in Illinois. On civil liberties her record just is not as good as Rushing or Lagoa. The academy tends to produce judges that don’t take the Bill of Rights very seriously, they like to find cute ways to get around the limits the Constitution imposes. Barrett, like Roberts, falls into this category.

Barrett, like Roberts, tends to use leaps of logic to get to an outcome. She tends to favor  prosecutors who are overzealous and play games with the rules. She does not see the Constitution as a limiting document nearly as well as Lagoa and Rushing. In an era where the deep state needs its wings clipped, Barrett is not the judge that will do it.

Lagoa has the common touch and is from Florida, Rushing is a conservative civil libertarian intellectual powerhouse. On 1st, 4th and 14th Amendment issues Lagoa and Rushing are better choices than Barrett for today’s Republican voter and for the integrity of the law.

Joe Biden: “It’s estimated that 200 million people will die, probably by the time I finish this talk.”

We are going to say it. Democrats are exploiting Joe Biden in his condition desperately hoping to latch onto power. The fact that no one in the party is standing up to put and end to this speaks volumes. What is being allowed to continue is sick.