Lucasfilm Attacks Pewdiepie, Christians, Fathers, Husbands…

Since Disney has hired Kathleen Kennedy to run Lucasfilm they results have sub-mediocre films and far less than expected box office draw.

Kennedy has made it clear in her own statements that she does not even consider the legacy of Star Wars and George Lucas (in short she is not a Star Wars fan) and she has also made clear on multiple occasions that her position as head of Lucasfilm has a purpose, to advance a radicalized version of feminism and Social Justice Warrior (SJW) divisive nonsense.

Kennedy has admitted that she had no plan going into this current trilogy, no overall story narrative and is just letting each writer and director do whatever they want, so long as they push her political agenda (No links this time because anyone who can use Google and Youtube can find all of this in mere moments).

Now they are attacking Pewdiepie….

Just how stupid is the stupid at Lucasfilm? Here is The Last Jedi writer and director, who admitted that he did not even look at previous Star Wars films before he wrote The Last Jedi, attacking a Star Wars fan for being a Christian, Father and Husband…..but Pewdiepie is the problem…and Lucasfilm wants to give Rian Johnson a Trilogy all to himself.


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