Joe Biden’s Crystal Clear Message on COVID-19

Jill Biden, seriously, you need to put a stop to this. In spite of the fact that Joe Biden has been a 47 year corrupt DC swamp creature, this indignity on display must stop. Someone needs to be the adult.

Kayleigh McEnany to idiot reporter: BLM/ANTIFA have killed, burned, maimed, blinded, and now you want to come to me with ‘a trump supporter shot someone with a paint ball gun’?

You may have seen the video where BLM/ANTIFA riotoers tried to run up on a truck with a Trump flag and got lit up by a person in the truck with a paint ball gun…and the Washington Press Corps is beside themselves…

Kayleigh McEnany was not having any of it:

Biden’s laughable condemnation of BLM/ANTIFA violence contained thinly veiled threat – Elect us or far left violence escalates

That is a real nice country you have there, it would be a shame if something happened to it….
Biden Smile

They are burning your cities down and telling you that YOU did it, and if you do not accept that judgment they will send BLM/ANTIFA to your house.

There is no way for us to improve in Tucker Carlson’s analysis of what the Biden campaign pulled today so we present it to you. Also, be sure to check our previous post on this subject.

Biden Campaign Reverses Course on Supporting Rioters & Looters, But Campaign Staff Paying their Bail

Joe Biden in his campaign speech today reversed course and is now, in a very half way condemnation, spoke out against the rioters and looters now that polling is showing that support for them is toxic.

Pay their bail so the next day they are out rioting and looting again. Local Democrat prosecutors keep dropping the charges. Even the man who tried to kill Kyle Rittenhouse with a glock still is not facing charges. Democrats who speak out against the looters are expelled or punished.

Biden campaign donating and raising money to pay their bail. Kamala Harris is raising money for them:

biden staff paying looters bail 2020-09-01 001902

Obama Attorney general Eric Holder:

Democrat media and other Democrats on both sides of supporting the looters:

Joe Biden says he wants to ban fossil fuels, then he is for them, then he is against, then for…

Of course banning fossil fuels would be a train wreck not just for the global economy, but for the poor who needs cheap energy to have at least a safe standard of living…Just watch:

Biden: I am not banning fracking….

Biden: I am banning fracking…