Democrat media keeps calling violent mobs “Peaceful Protesters” – Kayleigh McEnany has had enough…

So she put the video right in their face to shame them and of course as soon as she started playing the video most of the Democrat media cut away and censored it so you couldn’t see it.

Notice the communist flag with the Hammer & Sickle at the 11 second mark”

BLM ANTIFA hammer and sickle 2020-07-26

Black Trump supporter well known in his community for standing on street corners with “Vote Trump” murdered in broad daylight.

Bernell Tremmell trump supporter killed

UPDATE Laura Ingraham features Bernell Tremmel:

Newstalk 1130:

Bernell Tremmell, 60, was shot in front of his business, Expression Publications, at 911 E. Wright. The building is covered in handmade signs, the most prominent of which read “Vote Donald Trump 2020,” and “Re-Elect Trump 2020.”

He had spent the past few weeks advocating for Trump’s re-election in his neighborhood and in front of City Hall in downtown Milwaukee and engaged people who would react to his message.

“I had an interaction with him last Saturday across the street from Walmart on Capitol Drive,” said one woman who did not wish to be identified. “It was the second time I had seen him with his Trump sign and I pulled my car over to chat with him. What a nice, friendly man! We chatted for several minutes, and I told him I was proud of him and he’s very brave to put himself out there so visibly as a Trump supporter!”

Law enforcement sources tell “The Dan O’Donnell Show” that the suspect rode up to Tremmell as he sat in front of his business, shot him and then rode away. That suspect is still on the loose. Anyone with information about the shooting is urged to contact the Milwaukee Police Department.

CNN settles, then Washington Post settles for unleashing Marxist smear machine against Nicholas Sandmann

Nicholas Sandmann

Nicholas Sandman and his classmates were touring Washington DC with a pro-life group. While waiting for their bus a mob of angry leftists came upon them and started taunting them. Nick and his fellow students, not sure what to do just stood there.

So of course CNN, Washington Post and others in the Democrat media accused Nick and his classmates of surrounding and threatening the leftists including this old man when they knew full well the opposite was true.

Nick, his classmates and his schools were the victims of threats and were put in legitimate danger from angry leftists. Anyone who Google’s Nick’s name will find page after page of smears against him. His prospects for future employment all but destroyed. So he suing everyone.

Angry leftists are still trying to get at him.

Chinese hackers charged by DoJ. Trying to steal US coronavirus research

the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is at war with us. They have infiltrated many corporations, have willful Marxists at universities helping them and have massive influence in the Democratic Party.

The 11-count indictment alleges the Chinese nationals hacked into hundreds of computer systems

Fox News:

The Department of Justice announced Tuesday it has charged two Chinese hackers with trying to steal U.S. COVID-19 research as well as other sensitive information from businesses and government agencies.

The 11-count indictment against Li Xiaoyu, 34, and Dong Jiazhi, 31, alleges the Chinese nationals hacked into the computer systems of hundreds of companies, government organizations as well as individual dissidents and clergy.

They also allegedly broke into the accounts of democratic and human rights activists in the United States, Hong Kong and mainland China. The Justice Department alleges their con, which for a decade had allegedly been stealing sensitive information, was not only for personal financial gain but also to benefit the Chinese government.


Ex-Google Engineer Says Glitch Blocking Websites Including Drudge, Breitbart Could Have Revealed a Mysterious List

Censor happy authoritarian leftists at it again…


“It appears to have revealed the existence of another blacklist that disproportionately targets conservatives… The glitch is that sites on this blacklist disappeared from Google search results, but the existence of the list is very much by design. And that raises a major question: Why was this blacklist created in the first place, and what else is it used for?”

The issue was evident only briefly on Tuesday morning and early afternoon before it was resolved. However, it was long enough for users to note that they were unable to access websites including Breitbart, The National Pulse, The Drudge Report, Newsbusters, The Bongino Report, and Human Events. At least one left-leaning website, Occupy Democrats, was also affected. Legacy media outlets — including The New York Times and Washington Post — did not appear to be harmed.

Dr. Robert Epstein, a researcher who has argued Google has the power to sway up to 10 percent of American voters in the 2020 election, concurred with Wacker. “It’s likely that a person or algorithm at Google added ‘’ and other URLs to one or more of the company’s blacklists,” Epstein said. “Then, perhaps after some pushback, someone pulled those URLs off the blacklists.””

Michigan school fires popular teacher for saying “Trump is our President”

Yours truly has been saying this over and over since the early 90’s, Marxist/Communists have infiltrated the schools heavily since the Iron Curtain fell. When the Soviet Union collapsed 300 million communist authoritarians did not suddenly become libertarians. If you think that this infection is not in your kid’s school YOU ARE WRONG.

coah trump tweet

Washington Free Beacon:

A Michigan school district fired a popular high school teacher and coach after he pointed out that “Trump is our president” on social media.

Varsity baseball coach and social studies teacher Justin Kucera said Walled Lake school district officials hauled him into a closed-door meeting after he indicated his support for President Trump’s speech to reopen schools. He told the Washington Free Beacon the Walled Lake Western principal and district superintendent gave him an ultimatum: be fired or resign.

“I was required to meet with [human resources], the superintendent, and my principal [on July 10]. They initially took my statement on why I tweeted those tweets and they told me they would have a decision about my future employment in the upcoming days. When they completed the meeting, I was told I had the option to either be fired or resign.” Kucera said.

Neither the school district nor the principal responded to requests for comment.

Famed law professor Jonathan Turley took aim at the school district for lying about the firing:

15 Shot in One Hour in Chicago. Lefty Media Ignores. Police Union: Dem Mayor ‘Running the Titanic into an iceberg intentionally’

15 people shot within an hour, over 100 shot in a weekend and how many weekends for years has this gone on? Under President Obama while this crime in Chicago was rising federal gun prosecutions dropped to a record low. Under President Trump federal gun prosecutions are up but it has a limited impact because local Democrats have not been  cooperating with federal law enforcement.

Chicago police union chief Catanzara 2020-07-25 231825

Washington Examiner:

Chicago Fraternal Order of Police president John Catanzara slammed Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s leadership Tuesday, accusing her of “running the Titanic into an iceberg intentionally.”

“The mayor likes to use the word ‘unhinged.” The ironic part is the mayor became unhinged,” Catanzara told Fox News’s Laura Ingraham Tuesday night. “I wish I could show you the text messages that she sent me over the weekend as soon as she found out that I had sent the request to President Trump.”

“She was the one who became totally unhinged, unprofessional, childish,” he said, “and it was really pathetic for the leader of a city.”

Catanzara was referring to the request he made via a letter to Trump to send federal assistance to Chicago to help stem the explosion in crime that has plagued the city in recent weeks.

Murders and shootings rose by nearly 80% in June. On Tuesday, 15 people were hurt when a shooting erupted aimed at a gathering outside a funeral home.

See the video HERE.