Trump: Prosecutors “Frozen with Fear.” Who is getting to these people?

We see judges like Emmett Sullivan who have a long record of opposing prosecutor abuse suddenly going full tilt in league with those doing the abusing.

We see formerly consistent reliable “rule of law” judges like Chief Justice John Roberts do a complete 180 turn on their judicial philosophy and produce rulings containing farcical legal reasoning that would fail in most law classes.

It took Richard Grenell being appointed to the Director of National Intelligence and Mr. Jensen being appointed to review the Russia-gate investigations to get the documents released that showed how the DoJ and Mueller investigators knew the Trump Russia allegations were manufactured and phony from minute one.

Yes nothing happens. They are all acting as if they for frozen with fear. Trump wants to know why.

Trump - DoJ prosecutors frozen with fear

Much is possible when FBI/CIA/DNI/NSA team up against a citizen. They can unearth or fabricate evidence with ease. We know the FBI/CIA uses “honey-traps” – prostitutes that are trained to entrap people as they did to George Papadopolus – fortunately for George, his wife is a supermodel so George told said “honey” to go take a flying leap.

FBI Opens a New China Anti-Espionage Investigation Every 10 Hours!

FBI Director Wray:

DoJ Releases More Exculpatory Russia-gate Docs. DoJ/Obama Admin Knew Anti-Trump Russian Dossier Paid for by Democrats. More…

Via Catherine Herridge at CBS News



Violence Escalating Exponentially in Democrat Controlled Cities, Refusing Federal Help

Violent crimes and murders more than tripling in some places….and the Democrat mayors tell the feds.. “nope we’re fine”

Democrats in the Senate are blocking police reform legislation.

7 Times MSNBC’s Joy Reid Spread Misinformation

So truth be told, Joy Reid spreads disinformation almost daily, but here are seven big ones collected by Peter Hasson at the DC News Foundation:

1 – Reid falsely accused Trump supporter of calling a teen a “dirty Mexican”

2 – Reid spread fake rumor that Trump campaign hiring black actors

3 – Reid falsely claimed Covington Catholic students harassed Nathan Phillips
Reid’s show falsely claimed that students from Covington Catholic high school had “harassed” elderly American Indian activist Nathan Phillips. Reid interviewed Phillips on her show and uncritically elevated his version of events.

[And she left the tweet up…wow – Editor]

4 – Reid floated Mueller report conclusion was “seeds of a cover up”

5 – Reid spread fake news about fake news

6 – 9/11 trutherism…..

7 – Reid blamed hackers for her own blog posts

To see the details of these please go HERE.