A Great Warrior Goes to Heaven. Mike Adams Dead at 55.

Mike Adams was a friend of mine as he was to so many. I am devastated to hear of his loss. I am saddened and angry that he has been taken from us. To say he will be missed seems so inadequate.

Dr. Mike Adams

Campus Communists called him a racist and every other “ist” because they could never come close to winning an argument against him. Adams’ brilliant use of snark, sarcasm and irony drove his intellectually and morally questionable opponents to just snap.

There was nothing racist about Mike Adams. Adams was a dedicated Christian and would tell you to your face that it is impossible to love God and hate His creation (people no matter who they are). Adams was very effective and fighting censorship of the neo-Stalinist far left. He won every battle he engaged in. They violated his free speech & religious faith rights so he took them to court and won. Adam’s stood for freedom tempered by personal responsibility, so the enemies of freedom hated him. It is just that simple.

Students who were not indoctrinated by the communists on campus loved him. He was voted “Teacher of the Year” on multiple occasions, won awards for good service and was an outstanding professor.

I encourage everyone to take the time to watch the following videos to see just what kind of Man Mike Adams was. You will see what a gifted intellectual he was and how he gave so much to the world around us.

Dr. Mike Adams speaks at ADF event on his legal victory against UNC-Wilmington

Dr. Mike Adams ICON Lecture Series on Cultural Marxism – March 7 2017

The State of Free Speech on Campus | Mike Adams | Raleigh Freedom Conference Feb 9, 2019

Mike Adams, How an Atheist Professor Became a Voice for Faith

Of course the Marxist/Communists are on social media reveling in Adams’ passing. Mike would be amused to see the vile hate posted by Marxist/Communist authoritarians who hated the fact that he defeated them over and over. If you judge the character of a man by the nature of his enemies than Adams is one of the greats.

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