Reminder: There is still WAY too much bad policing.

In the link there is a video…and it is not easy to watch. These officers were not only stupid, but clearly showed callous disregard for an innocent man who they made suffer in the way they cuffed him and manipulated his arm after they broke his wrist.

The problem with some police is that they treat every citizen as if they are guilty as they did here. I don’t care how jaded an officer might be, it is unconstitutional, not to mention just plain foolish, to behave this way.

The officers who assaulted this man should be fired and charged.

REMINDER: Democrats in the Senate blocked a new law that would have mandated de-scalation and compassion training for police officers.


The Blaze:

A 46-year-old black man is suing the Valdosta, Georgia, Police Department for what he says is a civil rights violation and excessive force during a bogus arrest.

Police stopped Antonio Arnelo Smith on Feb. 8. Bodycam footage shows a black police officer speaking with Smith, who hands over his identification.

A white police officer can be seen approaching Smith from behind. He wraps his arms around a clearly frightened Smith, and slams him “face-first to the ground,” according to the Associated Press.

Two other white officers arrive and handcuff Smith as he’s on the ground. One of the officers tells him that he’s being arrested for an outstanding warrant.

In the video, Smith can be heard screaming, “Oh my God, you broke my wrist!”

The black officer steps in, however, and tells the other three officers that Smith is not the man they’re looking for.

Supreme Court: Laws Banning Aid to Children who Attend Religious Schools Unconstitutional.

Of course they are. This First Amendment was never intended to be a “negative right.”n Keep in mind that the phrase “Separation of Church & State does not appear anywhere in the Constitution and the first Supreme Court rulings stating such were penned and supported by Klan judges (such as Justice Hugo Black) who hated Catholics.

This ruling is a great first step into undoing years of injustice.

Sara Carter:

The Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 decision on Tuesday morning that Montana’s ban on religious schools receiving state aid — specifically scholarship funds — is illegal and that it’s unconstitutional for states to exclude religious schools from such programs.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Montana program offered $150 in tax credits for donations to scholarships for private school attendees. After a decision was made by state tax officials that religious institutions didn’t qualify, the case was heard by the Montana Supreme Court. The court cited a state amendment banning aid to sectarian schools and decided to dismantle the entire program.

The case was appealed to the Supreme Court by parents suing for aid to assist in paying for their children’s religious private school education.

The case, Espinoza v. Montana Department Of Revenue, saw conservative justices in the majority and Chief Justice John Roberts penned the opinion. The ruling will make it easier for religious schools to obtain aid — opening the door to more school choice policies, potentially including the funding of vouchers.

The Democrat Mob “Karma Edition” 7-1-2020

Idiot threatens to kill people who disagree with her…and then ends up getting fired….well just watch…


Black Lives Matter marches to condemn Jews….

As we have shown time and time again, BLM has a marxist/communist political agenda that has nothing to do with raising the quality of life for the average black person. If they did they would be standing up against a Democrat controlled abortion industry that kills more black babies than are born in most large cities.

So now they are marching to condemn the Jewish homeland. Israel has done thing to black people. Also, have you noticed that wherever there is BLM there is also ANTIFA? It is because they have the same masters.