15 Shot in One Hour in Chicago. Lefty Media Ignores. Police Union: Dem Mayor ‘Running the Titanic into an iceberg intentionally’

15 people shot within an hour, over 100 shot in a weekend and how many weekends for years has this gone on? Under President Obama while this crime in Chicago was rising federal gun prosecutions dropped to a record low. Under President Trump federal gun prosecutions are up but it has a limited impact because local Democrats have not been  cooperating with federal law enforcement.

Chicago police union chief Catanzara 2020-07-25 231825

Washington Examiner:

Chicago Fraternal Order of Police president John Catanzara slammed Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s leadership Tuesday, accusing her of “running the Titanic into an iceberg intentionally.”

“The mayor likes to use the word ‘unhinged.” The ironic part is the mayor became unhinged,” Catanzara told Fox News’s Laura Ingraham Tuesday night. “I wish I could show you the text messages that she sent me over the weekend as soon as she found out that I had sent the request to President Trump.”

“She was the one who became totally unhinged, unprofessional, childish,” he said, “and it was really pathetic for the leader of a city.”

Catanzara was referring to the request he made via a letter to Trump to send federal assistance to Chicago to help stem the explosion in crime that has plagued the city in recent weeks.

Murders and shootings rose by nearly 80% in June. On Tuesday, 15 people were hurt when a shooting erupted aimed at a gathering outside a funeral home.

See the video HERE.

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