Black Lives Matter Admits Marxist (Communist) Ideology. Why That Matters to You

And why should that matter to you? Why should that matter to Black Americans?

Marxism is a philosophy that uses divisive tactics to exploit division and gain power. It started as class warfare and evolved to Cultural Marxism, where any division be it white vs black, rich vs poor men vs women etc is used to stoke hate and chaos and a breakdown of society so the Marxists can use the chaos to gain power while destroying the institutions of civil society.

[Editor’s Note: Also see The Frankfurt School]

This is why Black Lives Matter does not care about so many aborted black babies or blacks that are killed in Chicago and other places by other blacks. Black Lives Matter doesn’t care about American blacks except to use them and their suffering as tools they can exploit to advance an ideological agenda (marxism) that has never been kind to minorities. In short, Black Lives Matter is using American blacks as cannon fodder.

Watch the video below and learn.

Australia Herald Sun:

The Black Lives Matter movement is not only anti-police, anti-white, anti-capitalist but also proudly neo-Marxist.

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UN Tweets ANTIFA Flag, Concerned that Violent Leftists Being Branded ‘Terrorists’

Considering how many people have died largely because of ANTIFA in the last few weeks one might be shocked by this. But considering the the UN is the most corrupt, antisemitic and racist organization on the face of the earth….it is par for the course.