Molotov-throwing Lawyer in Brooklyn Interned for Soros-funded Anti-Israel Group

Of course.

Breitbart News:

One of the two lawyers accused of trying to torch an NYPD cruiser during protests that engulfed Brooklyn over the weekend spent a summer in the West Bank as a fellow and intern with radical Palestinian activist organizations.

Two attorneys, Colinford Mattis, 32, and Urooj Rahman, 31, reportedly were caught attempting to distribute homemade molotov cocktail devices to protesters who were clashing with police near the 88th Precinct in Fort.

“Rahman attempted to distribute Molotov cocktails to the witness and others so that those individuals could likewise use the incendiary devices in furtherance of more destruction and violence,” a witness was quoted as saying to authorities in a detention memo from federal prosecutors for the Eastern District of New York.

Rahman was captured in a photo obtained by the New York Daily News wearing a Palestinian keffiyeh on her face and holding a makeshift Molotov cocktail. The keffiyeh, a chequered black and white scarf, has become a symbol of Palestinian nationalism.

Rahman is a graduate from Fordham University law school. In 2014, she did a summer fellowship internship program at the Israel based Mada Al-Carmel’s Arab Center for Applied Social Research in a partnership program with Palestine Works.

The Mada Al-Carmel center is heavily financed by George Soros through his Open Society Foundations.

NGO Monitor lists some of the radical organization’s political advocacy. The center co-authored the “Haifa Declaration” which calls for a “change in the definition of the State of Israel from a Jewish state” and accuses Israel of “exploiting” the Holocaust “at the expense of the Palestinian people.”

The September 2011 edition of Mada al Carmel’s journal Jadal focused on “Boycotting Israel: Between Theory and Practice.”

As part of her Soros-backed fellowship at the Mada Al-Carmel center, Rahman spent a week with the radical Palestine Work organization.

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These Are Some Very Educated Rioters. Thanks Public Schools!

In 1835, Matthias Baldwin donated money to establish a school for African-American children in Philadelphia and continued to pay the teachers’ salaries out of his own pocket for years thereafter. Baldwin was an outspoken supporter for the abolition of slavery in the United States.

Baldwin was a member of the 1837 Pennsylvania State Constitutional Convention and emerged as a defender of voting rights for the state’s black male citizens. One of his last philanthropic efforts was the donation of 10% of his company’s income to the Civil War Christian Mission in the early 1860s.

mathias Baldwin statiue defaced riots

This is not educated civil society…..and this is what public schools ran by progressive secular leftists has wrought:

Dave Chappelle on Recent Events

Dave has an interesting perspective here. It doesn’t mean one has to agree with everything he says, some of the things he says here are unfair, but it is his perspective not mine, even so his perspective is a valuable one nonetheless.

The biggest problem with his point of view is that he is using bad behavior to justify other bad behavior that so far has cost 17 people their lives.

“Have we reached the ultimate stage of absurdity where some people are held responsible for things that happened before they were born, while other people are not held responsible for what they themselves are doing today?” -Thomas Sowell

Trump Calls for School Choice So Inner City Kids Can Escape Failed/ Radicalized Govt. Schools

Government schools ran by the farthest fringe of the Democratic Party.

We have sent our children to Ceaser to be educated and they have come back Romans.

BLM ‘Leader’ Threatens Jewish District

Antisemitism seems to be the in thing with Democrats and the far left. Racism such as this has always been a problem with the Democratic Party and now that racism is on the rise.

In the video, look at the talking points he uses. Do you believe he came up with that on his own?

Poetic Justice. Then police took him into custody..

Donations to Black Lives Matter Diverted to the Democrat party?

Gaetz: “If this is the new ‘Woketopia’ then count me out”

Defund the police, abolish ICE, disarm Americans, and then surrender our cities to the (armed) Antifa mob?

If this is the rule-book for the new Woketopia, then count me out.

Here is an example of the new “Woketopia”

This Is What We Mean by Stalinists in Academia

The whole point of academia was to have thoughtful, in depth and non-hysterical debates about philosophy, policy and other topics where reasonable people disagree.

Now it’s just a mob trying to mow down anyone who isn’t lock step.

Antifa Chapter Head Admits Soros Funding, Association With Tom Steyer

Head of the Atlanta Chapter of RefuseFascism, Tee Stern: “We Actually Did
Get a Grant from Them (Soros) Around – We Started a Thing Called a National Day
of Appreciation for Abortion Providers.”

National Organizer for RefuseFascism, Andy Zee: “…I Believe He
(Steyer) Has Political Ambitions, and He Might Not Want to Be Directly

National Organizer for RefuseFascism, Andy Zee: “…Steyer might not
want to be connected” “…Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, this at a certain
point dominates the national news…it’s a very disruptive force.”