Fmr Deputy Attorney General Who Appointed Mueller: On Russia, “There Was No ‘There’ There”

The main DoJ Report referred to in the testimony revealing that FBI/DoJ/DNI knew “Russia Russia Russia” was all a bunch of lies is HERE:

Review of Four FISA Applications and Other Aspects of the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane Investigation

The court filings regarding the General Micheal Flynn are mostly HERE. The DoJ has now admitted (after internal documents exposing it all were leaked) the truth that Gen. Flynn was entrapped, lied to, and his guilty plea was coerced. They even compromised his original defense lawyers and had them working him.

Rosenstein agreeing that by August of 2017 there was no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion:

Rosenstein Knowing what I know now I would not have signed the FISA Applications to spy on the Trump Campaign (He knew as the Lisa Page/Peter Strzok texts mention him):

(Note: Senator Graham misspeaks in this video, there were 51 lies/errors/or otherwise falsehoods in the FISA applications in 17 different areas)

The longer version of his testimony with Senator Graham is here where he a;so states that Deputy FBI Director McCabe was not completely candid with the DoJ:

Rosenstein, and quite obviously, is trying to not only trying to CYA, but he is trying to give up as little information as possible.

(Note: This is conjecture on the part of yours truly, but it seems inconceivable that Rosenstein is not just pleading the 5th as he is opening himself up to a massive can of worms with this testimony. It seems likely that the reason he is not pleading the 5th is because he is cooperating with the Jensen/Durham investigation.)

Senator Ted Cruz’ questioning of Rod Rosenstein. Cruz is pulling no punches and considering that the Inspector General has now reviewed 29 applications submitted to the FISA Court for domestic spying and found that all of them are grossly flawed, Sen. Cruz’s anger and accusatory tone seems warranted.

So what do you think. I think Rosenstein knew, but he claims that FBI was not candid (a nice way to say lied like crazy) on the biggest case in modern FBI history.

Former Deputy FBI Director McCabe says that Rosenstein is lying. McCabe is at the epicenter of the attempted coup against President Trump, is likely a main target of prosecutor Durham and is trying to save his skin.

The NY Post:

Rod Rosenstein’s admission exposed heinous plot against Trump.

What is becoming completely clear is that the Department of Justice wanted to prevent, then destroy, a Trump presidency. These were not open-minded officials being led by the facts; they were manipulating the facts and hiding exculpatory evidence to bring down Trump and his associates.

And the news media played along like a karaoke machine, making brave heroes of James Comey, Rod Rosenstein and Andrew McCabe, who of course inked a juicy deal with CNN after being fired for lying under oath, something that Democrats usually insist is, you know, a crime. Flynn almost went to the slammer for allegedly lying to the FBI. McCabe sits on panels about FISA reform at NYU Law School after his transgression. That really says it all.

Civil Unrest a Stated Tool of Open Society Institute Goal of Ending Constitutional Government

Some ideas are so stupid that only intellectuals believe them – George Orwell

This is just a friendly reminder post that arch leftists are stunningly honest when they think they are talking to each other. Below is form the George Soros’ Open Society Institute. Soros is Democrat sugar-daddy #1.

This information has been in the public domain for a long time, but at a time like this a refresher is warranted.

“Termination is designed to end constitutional law, replacing it with a rationalist progressive technocracy. OSI’s U.S. Termination supports initiatives in a range of areas, including creating channeled Civil Unrest, Influence of Media Narratives, Human Concepts of Justice, Minority Uplift, Progressive Prosecution and Oppression, Genetic Dilution, and an Alternative Left Test-State.

Of course, without constitutional law there are no legal standards, and hence no real justice at all. What is this “Genetic Dilution” they are referring to? It sounds like some kind of racialist nonsense to me.

APT and EWI Threaten Lawsuit Against UMass Amherst For Expelling Jewish Student for Pro Israel Beliefs

Faculty Decided Student’s “Views Are Not the Kind We Want to Cultivate at the University;” Had Student Arrested on Fake Hate Crime Charges

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS — May 28, 2020. Attorneys for Massachusetts Jewish civil rights groups Education Without Indoctrination and Americans for Peace and Tolerance announced today that they have sent demand letters to the University of Massachusetts (UMass) on behalf of Louis Shenker, a Jewish former student at the UMass Amherst campus expelled for having the wrong beliefs about religion and politics.

Last fall, a group of administrators, faculty, and students at UMass Amherst decided that Louis’s “views are not the kind we want to cultivate at the University,” that Louis is “hijacking the Jewish narrative on campus,” but that, because Louis is Jewish, they “have to be very careful and smart in how [they] deal with this problem.” The group devised a plan to get Louis expelled by defaming him as a racist and white supremacist, so that “any subsequent protest about him [being Jewish] will lack credibility.” At the direction of faculty, UMass Amherst graduate student union members posted hundreds of flyers all over campus with Louis’s picture and home address, warning: “ALERT! WHITE SUPREMACIST LOUIS SHENKER UMASS STUDENT.” Photos of the flyers taken at various places around the campus went viral on UMass-connected social media, appended by calls for violence against Louis, like “watch out for this pussy ass bitch, if you see him smack the dogshit out him.”

According to Attorney Karen Hurvitz, executive director of EWI: “What followed was a concerted campaign, massive in scope and motivated by bias against Zionism, Judaism, and unpopular political beliefs, to intimidate Louis into silence, incite violence against him, prosecute him for hate crimes based on false testimony, and have him expelled from UMass Amherst.”

Attorney Ilya Feoktistov, executive director of APT, explained:

“The University of Massachusetts promises all its students a welcoming educational environment free from discrimination. The truth is that this promise applies only to those students who have the kind of political and religious views that university employees ‘want to cultivate at the university.’ Louis never would have agreed to matriculate at UMass Amherst if he had known that all those guarantees of free expression and appreciation for divergent views, which the university gives to students in exchange for their tuition dollars, were fraudulent.”

Press Sec. Shuts Down CNN’s Jim Acosta Using MLK to Trash Trump

CNN lies and omits key facts on purpose to drum up their bogus propaganda narratives.
Look at Jim Acosta here, he is like a 13 year old who lies and leaves out key facts to argue their story.

Newsweek: U.S. Park Police Chief Says No Tear Gas Was Used on Washington D.C. Protesters Before Trump’s Church Visit.

By the way, many of the “protestors” were violent, attacked police, looted and burned.

List of Police Killed or Injured During the Riots/Looting

Via Alpha News:

Police have been shot, stabbed, run over, and hit with objects across the country since the death of George Floyd during the custody of Minneapolis Police. These injuries and deaths have been unreported by the national media.

– A Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officer, Shay Mikalonis, age 29, was shot in the back of the head while struggling with a rioter. It appears that Mikalonis survived brain-surgery, but he will likely never be the same after the attack.

– 12 other Las Vegas police were injured during the riots.

– An active shooter also opened fire on law enforcement at a Las Vegas courthouse.

– 4 St. Louis Police Officers were shot by an active shooter—thankfully, all four are out of hospital.

– A retired St. Louis police captain, David Dorn, was protecting a friend’s store from rioters and looters. They shot him while stealing “TVs.” A shocking video, livestreamed on Facebook, shows the 77-year-old black American laying in a pool of blood. Dorn’s death was little-covered in the national corporate media.

– A New York Police Officer was struck purposefully by a vehicle. He is currently in “serious but stable condition.”

– 3 Buffalo law enforcement officers were struck by a vehicle in front of the police station. 2 officers are now seriously hurt, and two civilians died from shootings that were not related to the police.

-3 Davenport, Iowa, law enforcement officers were ambushed and 1 was shot. 2 civilians were killed in the attempted killing of the police officer, including a young black woman.

– 132 officers were injured in Chicago during a riot. During that riot, there were 48 shootings and 17 homicides. It is likely that many of the homicide victims were black Americans.

– 9 Pittsburg officers were injured by objects during a riot.

– Up to a dozen officers in Rhode Island were injured during riots

– An active shooter opened fire at the Oakland Police Department. At the federal court house in Oakland, the scene of an anti-police protest, two officers were shot in a drive-by shooting. One of those men, Federal Protective Service Officer Dave Patrick Underwood, was shot dead. Underwood is a black American, and first and foremost, a hero.

– 2 officers were struck in the head with projectiles in Santa Ana.

– 2 Richmond, Virginia officers were shot. One of these officers has life-threatening injuries.

– At least 5 officers and 2 firefighters were injured during riots in Richland County South Carolina.

– 1 officer was struck in the head by a brick in Albany, New York. The suspect, an overweight white male aged 21, is now in custody.

– 4 Prince William County, Virginia officers sustained head injuries from projectiles, including large rocks.

– 7 officers were injured in Sacramento.

– Several officers were shot at and injured in Lynchburg, Virginia.

– Several Champaign, Illinois police officers were injured during protests that turned into a riot.

– 3 Oak Lawn, Illinois officers were injured.

– 21 officers were injured in Salt Lake City. What appears to be a mostly white crowd threw rocks and other objects at the officers.

– More than 50 Secret Service Agents were injured by objects thrown—including Molotov cocktails—in Washington, D.C. The “protestors” appeared to be trying to breach the White House fence.

– 3 Denver police officers were in a police Rapid Deployment Vehicle (RDV) when they were purposefully slammed by another vehicle. The impact also hurt a civilian standing nearby. The status of the civilian is not yet known, and one of the officers is still in the hospital.

– Well over 40 New York City police officers have been injured during riots, some severely. Multiple officers have been shot, stabbed, or hit with heavy objects. The latest incident involved a knife wielding attacker who stabbed an officer in the neck, and two other officers who were shot—one in the hands.

Videos from New York, that don’t appear to be widely reported in the media, show a cop getting slammed in the head with a heavy object, from behind, and a cop laying on the street after being shot.

– Multiple Atlanta, Georgia officers were injured during protests. One officer, a black American named Max Brewer, was run over by an ATV. The vehicle appears to have circled back in order to run him over. He remains in critical condition.

– 2 Capitol Police Officers were injured during a riot in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. According to pictures from the riot, it appears that some protestors attacked the officers. In one picture, a white man with long hair appears to be trying to attack officers wearing riot gear.