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Mysterious piles of bricks discovered at riots, protests in US cities

A truck pulls up and a large pile of Bricks is dropped off on a street corner. A short time later ANTIFA shows up…. Fox is not the only place reporting this, local news has as well.

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Widely Publicized Anti-Hydroxychloroquine Study a Fraud, Cites Porn Star as Marketing Executive

Science Mag: On its face, it was a major finding: Antimalarial drugs touted by the White House as possible COVID-19 treatments looked to be not just ineffective, but downright deadly. A study published on 22 May in The Lancet used hospital records procured … Continue reading

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CBS Freaking Out Over The State of Star Trek. Fan Payback is a….

Overlord DVD reports, and while he warns that he has to keep his sources anonymous, his sources have proved right time and time again. CBS is considering selling the Star Trek IP as the new “Social Justice” version of Star … Continue reading

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Epoch Times: The Communist Origins of the Antifa Extremist Group

The Epoch Times: The extremist anarchist-communist group Antifa has been in the headlines because of past violent clashes in Charlottesville, Virginia. Yet while the organization has been applauded by some left-leaning news outlets for including white nationalists and neo-Nazis in … Continue reading

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CNN & MSNBC Whipping Up Hate and Fear, Justify Rioting

This is really sick. Just two examples of many… "Open your eyes America. We are teetering on a dictatorship. This is chaos. Is the President declaring war on Americans? What is happening here?" Don Lemon and CNN are totally unhinged … Continue reading

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