Are Democrats Pro-Crime and Pro-Looter? UPDATED!

So let me get this straight. Democrats will send SWAT teams and armored vehicles to stop barber shops and mom& pop shops from opening and they will even go to the Supreme Court where Gov. Whitmer just lost her case in a unanimous decision….

…but looters and rioters are let out of jail immediately (according to NYC Police Chief), charges are dropped by democrat prosecutors and Democrat lawyer groups such as the National Lawyers Guild represent looters and ANTIFA for free.

Now their new hashtag bumper sticker catch phrase is #defundthepolice.

Update – Told ya..

Crooked Manhattan DA Cy Vance Refuses to Prosecute Protest-Related Arrests “In the Interest of Justice.”

Oregon Governor Praises Protesters While Taking Churches To Court Over Covid Orders.

democrat media strategy on riots against trump

NY Post: The lying about Donald Trump is now completely out of control

It is about time a mainstream newspaper said this and is standing up for basic journalistic ethics.

NY Post:

Indeed, based on some of the TV coverage, you’d think Trump had actually spat on the memory of George Floyd, the black man who died in Minneapolis while a white police officer kneeled on his neck.

In reality, Trump has been exceedingly sensitive and respectful to Floyd’s memory, calling his death a “tragedy” that “should have never happened.” He added that the incident “filled Americans all over the country with horror, anger and grief.”


Michigan Supreme Court Unanimously Sides /w Barber over Gov. Whitmer

Michigan Supreme Court sides with barber over Gov Whitmer

And once again a progressive secular leftist’s attempt to grab power and subvert the Constitution using a crisis has been stopped.

Breitbart News:

In a unanimous 7-0 decision, the Michigan Supreme Court sided with 77-year-old barber Karl Manke over Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on Friday.

Whitmer and Attorney General Dana Nessel have been relentlessly pursuing Manke, attempting to force the closure of his shop during the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Great Lakes News, Manke’s attorney, David Kallman, called it the “biggest, most lopsided victory of his career.”

Whitmer and Nessel fined Manke and stripped him of his license after he repeatedly refused to close his business in defiance of Whitmer’s executive orders.


Democrats Use Marxist Tactics to Divide Us

Read any of it, the documents from the Open Society Institute, Max Weber, Antonio Gramsci, Walter Lippmann, Goebbels, Saul Alinsky etc. They all say the same thing. Use social unrest, divisive propaganda, lies, anything it takes to replace constitutional government with a progressive secular leftist technocracy.

Patriot Post has some nice memes reflecting Democrat attempts to divide us:

patriot post racial manipulation1

patriot post racial manipulation charlie brown2

patriot post how dems protest vs gop

Wake up folks, it is not Trump who is doing the dividing. Trump has done more top bring economic investment into largely minority areas than any other president.

Babylon Bee: Celebrities Show Solidarity With Protesters By Burning Their Own Homes To The Ground

alyssa milano buirning her home to the ground
Alyssa Milano burning her home to the ground.

The Babylon Bee:

BELL CANYON, CA—According to sources, Hollywood celebrities have courageously united under an inspiring new movement to show respect for black lives. Entitled the #BurnYourHouseDown movement, celebrities such as Alyssa Milano, Jimmy Kimmel, and John Legend have volunteered to relinquish their power and privilege by burning their houses and everything they have to the ground.

The organizer of this movement released the following statement on Twitter: “Your homes, your riches, and your toys are built on a foundation of white supremacy. They are forever tainted by racism. Your walls and security systems have shut out the voices of the oppressed. Join us. Stand with us. #BurnYourHouseDown!”

Continue reading HERE!

Note: If you don’t know that the Babylon Bee is a satire news site that uses fake news to make social commentary you need to pay closer attention.

In this case the Bee is pointing out obvious hypocrisy. Namely that far left celebs think its great to loot and burn and steal so long as it is someone else’s livelihood and someone else who cant pay their rent.

When those X-box’s someone looted are fired up for games will they be doing it in George Floyd’s honor?

Why did former Secretary Mattis trash Trump?

With Mattis it is personal. There are things we don’t know.

What we do know and is in the public domain is this, the intelligentsia said that if we withdrew form that area the Turks would come in and wipe out the Kurds who have been our long term allies. Mattis was big on this and this is why he resigned.

Trump did withdraw our troops. But you know what else he did? Trump sent a letter to the Turkish President Erdogan telling him that if he continues hostilities towards the Kurds that the United States would destroy the Turkish economy. Trump ended the letter to Erdogan with “don’t be a fool”. The Kurds are fine.

President Trump’s letter to Erdogan:
trump letter to turkey Erdogan oct 9 2019

Deception Expert: Rosenstein is Lying Again

Bombards Body Language has been teaching how to detect deception for years. From time to time they post videos of their examination of people testifying under oath, being interviewed etc. It is amazing what people reveal when they don’t realize they are revealing it.

When Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is one of the deep state conspirators who, along with some in the FBI,CIA, DoJ and DNI sought to manufacture evidence against President Trump in an effort to get him impeached.

Rosenstein had testified before Congress before, now we know that his previous testimony was less than candid. At the time Bombards Body Language called out Rosenstein not just as a liar, but a lousy one.

In his new testimony, which we looked at in the post below we concluded that once again Rosenstein was dodging at best.

Keep in mind that Bombards is based in the UK. They are not Republicans or Democrats.

Bombards Body Language:

Here is a clip from Rosenstein’s previous testimony where Bombards calls him out as a liar.