Deception Expert: Rosenstein is Lying Again

Bombards Body Language has been teaching how to detect deception for years. From time to time they post videos of their examination of people testifying under oath, being interviewed etc. It is amazing what people reveal when they don’t realize they are revealing it.

When Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is one of the deep state conspirators who, along with some in the FBI,CIA, DoJ and DNI sought to manufacture evidence against President Trump in an effort to get him impeached.

Rosenstein had testified before Congress before, now we know that his previous testimony was less than candid. At the time Bombards Body Language called out Rosenstein not just as a liar, but a lousy one.

In his new testimony, which we looked at in the post below we concluded that once again Rosenstein was dodging at best.

Keep in mind that Bombards is based in the UK. They are not Republicans or Democrats.

Bombards Body Language:

Here is a clip from Rosenstein’s previous testimony where Bombards calls him out as a liar.

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