Fmr Deputy Attorney General Who Appointed Mueller: On Russia, “There Was No ‘There’ There”

The main DoJ Report referred to in the testimony revealing that FBI/DoJ/DNI knew “Russia Russia Russia” was all a bunch of lies is HERE:

Review of Four FISA Applications and Other Aspects of the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane Investigation

The court filings regarding the General Micheal Flynn are mostly HERE. The DoJ has now admitted (after internal documents exposing it all were leaked) the truth that Gen. Flynn was entrapped, lied to, and his guilty plea was coerced. They even compromised his original defense lawyers and had them working him.

Rosenstein agreeing that by August of 2017 there was no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion:

Rosenstein Knowing what I know now I would not have signed the FISA Applications to spy on the Trump Campaign (He knew as the Lisa Page/Peter Strzok texts mention him):

(Note: Senator Graham misspeaks in this video, there were 51 lies/errors/or otherwise falsehoods in the FISA applications in 17 different areas)

The longer version of his testimony with Senator Graham is here where he a;so states that Deputy FBI Director McCabe was not completely candid with the DoJ:

Rosenstein, and quite obviously, is trying to not only trying to CYA, but he is trying to give up as little information as possible.

(Note: This is conjecture on the part of yours truly, but it seems inconceivable that Rosenstein is not just pleading the 5th as he is opening himself up to a massive can of worms with this testimony. It seems likely that the reason he is not pleading the 5th is because he is cooperating with the Jensen/Durham investigation.)

Senator Ted Cruz’ questioning of Rod Rosenstein. Cruz is pulling no punches and considering that the Inspector General has now reviewed 29 applications submitted to the FISA Court for domestic spying and found that all of them are grossly flawed, Sen. Cruz’s anger and accusatory tone seems warranted.

So what do you think. I think Rosenstein knew, but he claims that FBI was not candid (a nice way to say lied like crazy) on the biggest case in modern FBI history.

Former Deputy FBI Director McCabe says that Rosenstein is lying. McCabe is at the epicenter of the attempted coup against President Trump, is likely a main target of prosecutor Durham and is trying to save his skin.

The NY Post:

Rod Rosenstein’s admission exposed heinous plot against Trump.

What is becoming completely clear is that the Department of Justice wanted to prevent, then destroy, a Trump presidency. These were not open-minded officials being led by the facts; they were manipulating the facts and hiding exculpatory evidence to bring down Trump and his associates.

And the news media played along like a karaoke machine, making brave heroes of James Comey, Rod Rosenstein and Andrew McCabe, who of course inked a juicy deal with CNN after being fired for lying under oath, something that Democrats usually insist is, you know, a crime. Flynn almost went to the slammer for allegedly lying to the FBI. McCabe sits on panels about FISA reform at NYU Law School after his transgression. That really says it all.

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