NYT Already Scaremongering About Trump’s Transition Team

The left wing press who colluded with the Hillary campaign is at it again. This time they are scaring people by taking advantage of their ignorance of just what a transition team is for.

The latest scare/attack is: OMG Trump Has Some Bush People and Lobbyists on His Transition Team!!!

Here is what the NYT didn’t want you to know. This does not mean that the same old guard will be running things in a new Trump administration.

All that the transition team does is help run the bureaucracies temporarily until the incoming administration has the people in place, which takes time, confirmations in the Senate, etc.

Transition teams are always experienced people because they temporarily do the jobs until the administration has new personnel ready. It is for that reason that they have to know the job on day one. They also help train new people on details of the positions the Administration appoints them to.

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