31 Changes to FedGov We Hope To See /w Trump

By Political Arena Editor Chuck Norton

1 – A reformed Code of Federal Regulations that is NOT 176,000 pages. Not filled with favors for donors and where junk science is not used to enrich donors as it is now.

2 – Judges appointed to the court who are legal minds, not political hacks. The Constitution is a legal document that says some things and doesn’t say other things. We have a method of amending the constitution which isn’t supposed to include judicial fiat.

3 – A reformed tax code that is simple enough that smaller domestic businesses can deal with it without being at the disadvantage of hiring tax lawyers.

4 – A tax code that doesn’t take constant advantage of people’s ignorance of the differences between earned and unearned income.

5 – A tax code that does not have the highest corporate tax rate in the world. America should be the attractive place to do business, not a punitive one. American businesses should NOT have to pay a double tax for doing businesses over seas.

6 – Trade agreements that are not one way rip offs. We have free trade agreements with China. GM is moving Cadillac production to China and why? GM said that they are doing it to avoid high Chinese tariffs against our cars – THOSE TARIFFS ARE ILLEGAL. – Everything that Trump and Bernie said about the trade agreements was spot on accurate.

7 – Enterprise Zones in our inner cities. Progressives have taxed, harassed and regulated business out of our inner cities and created economic wastelands. Combat those idiots with Enterprise Zones.

8 – A secure border with stable immigration numbers that fit within historical norms. Too much immigration puts stress on local schools, creates communities that are permanently disadvantaged because they do not assimilate and do not master the language. Balkanization is never intelligent.

Also immigration circumstances should not be set up in such a way to sabotage said immigrants economically – second and third generation immigrants are faring worse economically than their first generation. Gotta be fixed.

Besides. I am in Texas and I am sick of hearing about dozens of dead bodies, mostly children, being found around the border every month. The open border is also a lure for sex traffickers. Thousands of Mexicans and Central American little girls have simply vanished and are to this day.

Drug cartels have created a mess of the border and frankly you would have to come here and see it to believe the magnitude of it.

9 – A foreign policy that isn’t stupid and isn’t designed to target Israel for destruction. There are four secular middle east governments that wanted to keep peace with Israel – Egypt, Libya, Syria and Jordan. Obama/Hillary took out the first two and knowingly helped the Muslim Brotherhood take power. They almost got Syria and Jordan was next. That idiocy ends now.

10 – The surveillance state reigned in just a tad. NSA/CIA/DEA have been turning the 4th Amendment on its head.

11 – The DEA reigned in. The DEA learned that going after real criminals is tough, so instead they have waged a war on doctors. I help take care of 3 disabled people and the doctors are scared to prescribe many things. Those who need care are the ones made to suffer for it.

12 – A DoJ civil rights division that will take a real close look at BDS bigots – Speech is one thing, targeting Jews is something else. And hopes they will use section 1983 of the civil rights code against university administrators who think they have a right to censor students.

13 – Serious school choice reform. Public schools are broke and unfixable in too many areas. “Screw the kids, save the system” is only about keeping fat checks to those running the system. Enough. bad public education has become a national security problem now. It must be fixed and ending Common Core is step one.

14 – An energy policy that is actually intelligent, not self defeating and used to help pay off our national debt.

15 – Means testing for welfare and some waste fraud and abuse tightening of such programs. Why? Because those who are TRULY disabled, need to be given more money than to live the most meager existence. America needs to be wealthy enough to pay for it and we can be if the above is done.

16 – We have been defending the world and the world has not been paying their fair share. Pay up. we have 20 trillion in debt that needs fixed period.

20 – A tax holiday for businesses who decide to move back to America.

21 – Repealing and replacing not just Obamacare, but our agriculture laws and regulatory environment that is designed to punish small farmers

22 – Ethics laws with TEETH. The FBI starting with Goldman Sachs.

24 – A wholesale review and replacement of banking laws and regulations – for a long list of reasons.

25 – An end to many federal gun free zones that have done nothing but make people easy targets.

25 – A reform of our mental health system complete with a larger investment in it. Adding certain mental health records to the NICS.

27 – Draining the swamp in Washington DC. Start with the IRS, EPA, DoE & BLM.

28 – A reformation of the VA from the ground up. The old order there is broken and the culture is beyond repair.

29 – An end to the government’s war on lead mines and smelters – all done to increase the price of ammunition. As a result they increased the price of medical devices, car batteries and a host of products. Namely, repeal the regulation that says car batteries must have recycled lead. That is why they last three years when they used to last seven.

30 – An easing of CAFE regulations. We all want good gas mileage, but the technology to squeeze more out of each drop of gas has raised the price of cars excessively. Cars have to be so light today that they are essentially aluminum cans with wheels and the death rates on our highways reflect it.

31 – Enact permanent ban on the DoJ practice of bankrupting the citizens it targets over time so they can no longer afford competent representation.

I could go on but there is a good start.

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