Eric Coomer’s Deposition in Dominion Lawsuit Against Rudy Giuliani Did Not Go Well. Trump Derangement on Steroids (video)

If you are going to sue someone for defamation, you cannot be a sleazebag or some kind of nut. If you are a nut the courts have ruled that you cannot be defamed because you have done that yourself by being a nut. 

Eric Coomer of Dominion Voting Machine infamy decided he was going to sue Rudy Giuliani and others for comments about the accuracy of the counting that Dominion does.

So one would think that if one worked for such a company they would maintain a certain political detachment so that no one would suspect or accuse you of rigging the system in favor of one’s biases…..Eric Coomer did not do that. 

Coomer’s statements on social media amounts to Trump derangement  content in the extreme.  Coomer cursed out any social media friends he had who voted for Trump. He called Trump and his voters every dirty name in the book repeatedly. Coomer accused Trump of all sorts of silly conspiracy theorist things in the most unhinged way imaginable. 

On top of that the video of Coomer’s deposition makes it obvious that he is not being truthful. In short, Coomer played right into Giuliani’s hands.

After seeing the deposition a reasonable person could easily conclude that Coomer would do anything to stop Trump…anything.

Famed Canadian attorney Viva Frei analyzes:

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