Emails show just how Hillary’s Campaign illegally coordinated with SuperPAC’s

SuperPAC’s can raise unlimited money and are not very transparent. This is why it is illegal for them to have anything to do with a political campaign, their staff etc etc.

But, the most openly known secret is that coordination does happen on both sides of the isle.  With the political overlap of just who knows who in political circles some coordination is almost impossible to avoid. The difference here is the shockingly brazen way Hillary’s Campaign is coordinating with SuperPAC’s such as David Brock’s  American Bridge 21st Century and Correct the Record. Brock is also a board member of the superPAC Priorities USA Action.

Emails obtained by WikiLeaks show that coordination with Brock’s superPAC’s, and David Brock himself, was regular, ongoing and coordinated at the very top. Not just by Hillary’s Campaign Chairman John Podesta, but by the campaign’s top inner circle including Robby Mook, Hillary’s campaign manager and Jennifer Palmieri her campaign spokesman.

Emails show Podesta having a long fund raising relationship with Brock going back at least to 2008. Where is becomes illegal is when Podesta took on a leading role in Hillary’s presidential campaign.

This email shows Hillary’s campaign manager Robby Mook trying to coordinate with David Brock to get an advance copy of the book “Clinton Cash” which exposes much of the pay for play schemes that have taken place with the State Department and the Clinton Foundation.

This email has Marc Elias, who is the Clinton Campaign’s FEC Lawyer responding. You read that correctly, Hillary’s lawyer was helping to illegally coordinate the campaign with the Brock superPAC’s.

In this email, we see Hillary Clinton’s top campaign staffers having an email conversation with David Brock about sicking him on Marco Rubio for using a false Bill Clinton quote in a fund raising letter.

And still, it gets even better. Law Newz has obtained a training memo showing how Clinton staffers can direct would be donors to contribute to Brock’s superPAC without leaving an evidence trail. The memo is from Marc Elias himself:

The great thing about having Marc Elias engage in this criminal activity is that he can use “attorney-client privilege” to help cover it up. (UPDATE – Ed Morrissey comments HERE.)

UPDATEDaily Caller: Leaked Emails Show Clinton Campaign Coordinating With Soros Foundations – LINK.

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