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40% of TEA Party Activists are Independents & Former Dems Focused on Economic Results, Leads Democrats and Republicans on Generic Ballot Poll

[Editor’s Note – Flashback 2010: Who is the TEA Party? While Democrats and establishment liberal Republicans say that Romney lost because the TEA Party is too conservative, they are forgetting information just like this. They are also forgetting that in … Continue reading

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An example of how TEA Party people should NOT behave (VIDEO)

The Congressman is right. Listen to what he said – he said that you have to have a plan to get back to it (constitutional limited government) and you just can’t say “I stand for the Constitution” and expect to … Continue reading

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How to make and not make a counter-punch attack ad

Socratic ads and “Mitt vs Mitt” or “Obama vs Obama” is how to make a political counter-punch attack ad. Here are two fine example of a “Mitt Vs Mitt” ad:   Below is a fine example of a socratic style … Continue reading

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Rush on Rick Perry

What Rush says here is so true. I know the TEA Party has helped in this regard, but people need to do some homework and get beneath the surface.

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