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Poland unveils new statue of President Reagan with the Pope

Several Reagan statues have appeared in Poland. It makes you wonder what the Poles know that too many of our public school teachers don’t. A new statue of President Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II that was unveiled in … Continue reading

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WOLF: Panicked GOP insiders land in bizarro world

Mitt Romney is Reaganesque like Michael Moore is athletic By Barack Obama’s cousin Dr. Milton Wolf: The 2012 Republican primary race has passed well beyond the rabbit hole into some extra-dimensional bizarro world where up is down, black is white … Continue reading

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Gingrich gains key New Hampshire endorsements – UPDATED!

UPDATE – New Hampshire Speaker Bill O’Brien endorses Newt: Former New Hampshire Senator Bob Smith Endorses Newt Gingrich The New Hampshire Union Leader editorializes in today’s paper that Newt Gingrich is the only candidate with a track record of changing Washington. Romney … Continue reading

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