Romney doesn’t get Reagan.


Mitt Romney’s latest comments about not having strident criticisms of President Obama is an indicator of how he is absorbed by a beltway mentality that is the antithesis of Ronald Reagan. Romney also said in multiple interviews that people in the primary are making bombastic comments that by implication they do not believe.

Bombastic. You know like when Mitt Romney told Rick Perry that one cannot be too against illegal immigration.

What statements has Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum or John Huntsman or Herman Cain said about Barack Obama that was not demonstrably true?

This thinking comes from the “beltway” idea that most voters lean liberal, that if we go directly after Democrats foolishness and corruption that they will send voters into the Democrats arms; as if the Democrats never say bombastic things about Republicans such as

Republicans want to bring back Jim Crow
Republicans want dirty air and water
Republicans hate old people
Republicans hate children….

…All of which are common fare from the Democrat Party leadership.

The numbers show that in 2009 and 2010 that independents responded to the traditional/conservative TEA Party message in a big way, including women and Catholics in nine of the top ten swing states.

Here is a novel idea Mitt Romney, instead of saying things that you think beltway independents want to hear, how about you show us that you have a core and tell us what you genuinely believe, assuming of course there is anything. David Axelrod says that do not have a core. You are proving him correct.

As far as President Reagan, he savaged the left, he savaged Jimmy Carter. Reagan did it with the truth because he understood that truth is indivisible.

Reminder to the ‘Civility Police’: Reagan Savaged Carter and the Democrats With the Truth

In this piece I quote President Reagan and show you his speech at Liberty Island where he blasted the left and Jimmy Carter. Please click the link above for the video.

The Carter record is a litany of despair, of broken promises, of sacred trusts abandoned and forgotten. Eight million — eight million out of work. Inflation running at 18 percent in the first quarter of this year. Black unemployment at 14 percent, higher than any single year since the government began keeping separate statistics. Four straight major deficits run up by Carter and his friends in Congress. The highest interest rates since the Civil War, reaching at times close to 20 percent, lately they’re down to more than 11 percent but now they’ve begun to go up again. Productivity falling for six straight quarters among the most productive people in the world.

Through his inflation he has raised taxes on the American people by 30 percent, while their real income has risen only 20 percent. The Lady standing there in the harbor has never betrayed us once. But this Administration in Washington has betrayed the working men and women of this country.

Gallup: Americans Say Reagan is Greatest President

Here is more of Ronald Reagan being strident.

Reagan’s short stories: Leftist college student vs. capitalist. The story of the Little Red Hen

Reagan didn’t just go after the failed apparatchiks of the leviathan state, he went after the core of their belief system.

And the elite media didn’t like it either….

Reagan vs. Obama

Media Research Center: How the Elite Media Worked to Distort, Dismantle and Destroy Reagan’s Legacy

EU plots revenge against Britain

This is exactly the kind of behavior that American conservatives and UKIP have warned would happen.

The EU is undemocratic, has ignored referendums, the most powerful positions are unelected,  the EU has governed against the will of the people, and recently it has behaved more and more as a tyrant.

Here is the latest example:

Express UK:

BRITAIN last night faced a revenge attack for David Cameron’s EU snub when a senior Brussels bureaucrat promised a new deluge of damaging red tape on UK business.

European economics commissioner Olli Rehn insisted that the EU could override the Prime Minister’s veto to slap more regulation on the City of London.

And he vowed that Brussels would ignore Mr Cameron’s bid to protect British finance and British jobs.

Finnish-born Mr Rehn said: “If this move was intended to prevent bankers and financial corporations in the City from being regulated, that is not going to happen. We must all draw lessons from the financial crisis and that goes for the financial sector as well.”

In a further threat, the commissioner added: “The UK’s excessive deficit and debt will be the subject of surveillance like other member states, even if the enforcement mechanism mostly applies to the euro-area member states.”

His remarks were being seen last night as the opening salvo in a new offensive by Brussels chiefs to isolate and bully Britain as punishment for Mr Cameron’s defiant stand against a further EU power grab.

And they provoked outrage among Tory MPs last night following fears that more EU tax and regulation on the City could cost up to 500,000 jobs across the UK.

Conservative MP Douglas Carswell said: “This unelected commissioner has helpfully reminded us exactly why we need to be outside the new fiscal union.

“Britain needs to be outside the EU, like Switzerland, to keep our banks and other financial institutions outside the clutches of bureaucrats like Mr Rehn.

“If he is such an economic genius, why is the continent that he helps to preside over heading down a debt vortex? He should be worrying about his own maths, not ours.”

Stephen Booth, of the Euro-sceptic think tank Open Europe, said: “The threat of EU regulation on the City of London remains.

“The British Government must continue to push to prevent any further unnecessary and unwanted regulation from Brussels.”

Mr Rehn yesterday spoke of his “regret” that Britain was refusing to join the new “fiscal union” economic bloc championed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

The Prime Minister used Britain’s veto at a summit in Brussels to reject EU treaty changes to give Brussels sweeping new economic powers that could hit the City. He was given a massive cheer by Tory MPs at Westminster yesterday for his stand.

Glenn Beck’s Double Standard About Newt Gingrich

by Political Arena Editor Chuck Norton

As we have all seen in the elite media by some in the chattering class, the long knives are out for Newt Gingrich. Every time he has ever thought out loud it will be used against him and taken out of context. The “establishment” types are in a panic because they are afraid that Newt will shake things up as he did when he helped balance the budget and pass welfare reform.

“Put ourselves in a room and balance the budget by force of will; lock the experts out.” – Newt Gingrich

As for Glenn Beck the former liberal and alcoholic.

Newt is not the same man that he used to be.

I saw him on Sean Hannity some time ago. Newt said that he had come to realize that his old friends in academia, like this crew in the White House, are as big a threat to the United States as the Soviet Union ever was. Because, as Newt told Sean, “If these people are allowed to get their way this country will look nothing like the one we grew up in.”

Ever since that time Newt has had a moral clarity that I personally find to be astonishing. Newt is not the only one to become more accurate and conservative with age. He wrote a book about rediscovering his faith and has made films about President Reagan and Pope JP II’s efforts to fight communism.

Rick Perry, Ronald Reagan, Michelle Bachmann, Ron Silver, Chris Hitchens, Star Parker and yes even Glenn Beck all used to be Democrats and/or leftists. Heck, even Erskine Bowles embraced free market economics. He said it had something to do with him becoming a grandfather.

Glenn Beck is no longer a liberal neo-secularist and is no longer an alcoholic. So why can Glenn Beck can have a spiritual and philosophical awakening and Newt Gingrich cannot?