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Right Wing Watch does “selective editing” smear job on Glenn Beck

To those who follow such things, you might say, “so what else is new”. Even so, it is worth reporting because it is an excellent example of attitude change propaganda mass media theory and it demonstrates how far some people will go to propagate a lie.

The video below from Right Wing Watch shows Glenn Beck talking about two different subjects and then splices them together to create the false narrative/claim against Beck, namely that he is warning that Obama is going to round up conservatives and put them into camps. The splice happens at 1:07 into the video.

At the beginning of the video Beck accurately explains historical examples of when those in power demonize people so as to make them two dimensional and easier to persecute. At the 1:07 mark the video cuts to Beck speculating on how he thinks Obama might react to mass critique if the elite media turned on him. By linking these two clips together using careful editing they have gullible people believing something that Beck simply did not say or intend to say.

The ruse by Right Wing Watch is further given away in the clip they used as Beck can be seen clearly stating that both sides in a conflict often use such demonization techniques.

This is the kind of dishonest shenanigan that “People for the American Way” and “Media Matters” have been caught doing from time to time. Alec Baldwin sits on the board for the group if that is an indication oh how off the rails they can get.

Here is an example where Media Matters was caught red handed doing the same – LINK.

Glenn Beck does three hours of broadcasting a day, so if someone disagrees with him there is room to do it legitimately without resorting to dishonest editing tricks.

Glenn Beck posts the entire audio of his show on his web site and on SoundCloud every day. Anyone can download the entire show and listen for themselves as there is no sign up or membership fee.

The entire post from Right Wing Watch is below:

Glenn Beck Warns Obama Is About To Snap, Will Start Putting Conservatives Into Internment Camps


On his radio broadcast today, Glenn Beck warned that too many crises are piling up all at the same time which will cause the press to finally turn on President Obama. That, in turn, will cause Obama to finally snap and start rounding up conservatives and putting them into camps.

Just as German society demonized Jews for years before the Nazis took power, Beck warned that this nation “has been watering some seeds” for nearly ten years to condition Americans to accept that “there are those enemies of the president that need to be punished.”

Once the press turns on Obama, Beck warned, he “is not going to react well” because he has been coddled his entire life and was always treated like a god who was never to be criticized or questioned.

Saying that Obama is like a spoiled child who is about to be told that he doesn’t get a trophy just for participating, Beck predicted that Obama would respond by lashing out furiously at conservatives and putting them into internment camps.

By Chuck Norton, Editor

Textbook example of Saul Alinsky ridicule and intimidation tactics

“Forget moral or ethical considerations… The end is what you want, the means is how you get it” – Saul Alinsky

At the web site of WFAA in Dallas they asked their viewers what they thought of Glenn beck’s speech to the NRA convention. The following is the response of one Saul Alinsky inspired leftist named Darrel Drake, who ironically enough, says that he has a Journalism Degree from the University of Oklahoma. The spelling errors are his:

Glen Beck is a nut job with a reich wing agenda. Since when has the 2nd amendment become more important than the rest, 1st and 14th especially. Funny how Republicans want to use government to control marriage, religion and vaginas, but not jobs or improving our economy. They want smaller, less government for whom? I guess they want it only for themselves and to Hell for the ret of us tax paying citizens.

People see through these pandering self- righteous, GOP “Christian Taliban” wackos like Beck. The country is waking up and finally saying no to hate and bigotry disguised as a religious belief! The majority simply do not want to become a Christian version of Iran! Beck is nothing but a pandering nut job making millions off fearful, ill informed Americans.

This is a textbook example of the hate, racial agitation, bigotry, and red herrings that Saul Alinsky inspired leftists engage in. They will never engage in any substantive debate on verifiable fact. All one can get from them is the type of hateful venom that Darrel gave us a textbook example of. For the Alinskyite, their purpose is to be so nasty with their hate and vitriol that more sensible people will be intimidated by it and just keep quiet.

When you fight back the first thing the Alinskyite pulls is the civility card. Never be intimidated by this tactic. No one who is such a dishonest broker and engages in such tactics has any claim to the civility card.

Glenn Beck’s Double Standard About Newt Gingrich

by Political Arena Editor Chuck Norton

As we have all seen in the elite media by some in the chattering class, the long knives are out for Newt Gingrich. Every time he has ever thought out loud it will be used against him and taken out of context. The “establishment” types are in a panic because they are afraid that Newt will shake things up as he did when he helped balance the budget and pass welfare reform.

“Put ourselves in a room and balance the budget by force of will; lock the experts out.” – Newt Gingrich

As for Glenn Beck the former liberal and alcoholic.

Newt is not the same man that he used to be.

I saw him on Sean Hannity some time ago. Newt said that he had come to realize that his old friends in academia, like this crew in the White House, are as big a threat to the United States as the Soviet Union ever was. Because, as Newt told Sean, “If these people are allowed to get their way this country will look nothing like the one we grew up in.”

Ever since that time Newt has had a moral clarity that I personally find to be astonishing. Newt is not the only one to become more accurate and conservative with age. He wrote a book about rediscovering his faith and has made films about President Reagan and Pope JP II’s efforts to fight communism.

Rick Perry, Ronald Reagan, Michelle Bachmann, Ron Silver, Chris Hitchens, Star Parker and yes even Glenn Beck all used to be Democrats and/or leftists. Heck, even Erskine Bowles embraced free market economics. He said it had something to do with him becoming a grandfather.

Glenn Beck is no longer a liberal neo-secularist and is no longer an alcoholic. So why can Glenn Beck can have a spiritual and philosophical awakening and Newt Gingrich cannot?